MihaNika69s Morning Anal Brazzers POV

MihaNika69s Morning Anal

MihaNika69s Morning Anal from the Brazzers Network.  I’m fucking lucky if I get any sex in the morning let alone ANAL!  But MihaNika69 (what kind of porn name id that) is happy to let her boyfriend fuck her in the arse even with his morning breath.

I don’t recall ever seeing MihaNika69 in. aBrazzers porn video before, so I’m going to guess that this is her Brazzers debut.  This anal sex video is shot in POV by her boyfriend.  She come home from her night shift and catches her boyfriend still in bed masturbating.

Her boyfriends excuse was that he was so horny thinking about her arse this morning.  He could not get rid of his morning wood, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Now that MihaNika69 was back, she suggested that she helped him out.


In MihaNika69s Morning Anal, this sex blue eyes fox, does straight to her boyfriends cock and gives him a really slow POV blowjob that nearly makes him cum.  To stop himself from cuming too soon, he starts doing to arithmetic in his head.  A technique that he heard about from Keiran Lee about how to stop premature ejaculatation.

MihaNika69 realises that the BF is nearly going to cum, so she slows her blowjob down even further.  She just uses her tongue.  Her boyfriend tells her to take off her clothes very slowly and give him a sexy striptease.  MihaNika69 is so very horny herself and starts to play with her arsehole right in front of his face.

He has never seen her finger her own arse before.  Maybe he is going to be able to fuck her in the ass this morning. They’ve never had anal sex in the morning!  MihaNika69 took control of his big cock and teased it over her cute little butt hole.  She slowly pushed her arse against his cock until his purple bell-end slowly slide into her cock craving ass.

In MihaNika69s Morning Anal, the anal sex in this latest Brazzers porn video is raw and has a great amateur feel to it.  I’m presuming it was shot a while ago to cover the lack of production during the Corona outbreak.  This video wall be released to watch on September 30th, 2020.

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