Milf’s A Panty Perv Alexis Fawx and Katie Kush

Milf's A Panty Perv

Milf’s A Panty Perv
Alexis Fawx, Katie Kush

Oh fucking God yes!!  I do love a bit of Alexis Fawx.  I have been in love with her big MILF tits for years.  She has got a pair of the best boobs on Brazzers (IMHO).  So I’m very glad to see Miss Fawx in a new Brazzers lesbian porn video called Milf’s A Panty Perv.  This hot MILF with cracking tits discovers that Katie Kush has secretly been sniffing her underwear in the laundry room.


Expert level MILF Alexis Fawx is on all fours, cleaning the counters and the floors. She’s too busy to realize that her wiggling boobs and butts caught the eye of voyeur Katie Kush. Leaving a trail of dirty panties behind, Horny Katie baits her prey in the laundry room. There, Katie finally gets Alexis’ attention.

In Milf’s A Panty Perv, the younger babe sure knows how to use her fingers and her tongue. Alexis’ loud moans resonate in the room as devoted Katie explores her hole. It makes no doubt – Alexis’ chores will have to wait. She has a pussy to take care of.

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