Mogul Moves starring Rachel Starr

Mogul Moves
Rachel Starr, Michael Stefano

Mogul Moves

Executive Rachel Starr is interviewing for a select few, ahem, “positions” in her new organization. Michael Stefano is eager to answer all her probing questions, but he can’t help but stare at how her tight skirt rides along her hips and round ass, begging to be hiked up and worshipped. How just a slight adjustment of her top would show off those great perky lips.


In Mogul Moves how her eyes flash and lips dance when she shuts down errant employees. This woman has power, looks, wits… And she knows how to flaunt it. And isn’t that always distractingly hot? Wait a second, did she just ask if he has ten years experience in… pussy eating?! This isn’t a fucking interview, it’s an interview about fucking!

About Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr’s huge ass is like a catchy song on the radio. You see her sweet piece once, and it’ll pop up and get stuck in your head at the most inappropriate times. Rachel got noticed by a fellow porn star in 2007, who pointed out that since she was already a raging swinger, she might as well work in porn and get paid to enjoy her nympho appetite for sex.

When she isn’t busy on set, she cuts loose wakeboarding with friends and keeps her body fit and tight with MMA training. Twice a year, she goes on adventures to exotic locales like Thailand to leave all the pressures of work behind. Rachel’s been nominated for five AVN Awards, and it’s a crime that she doesn’t win at least one every year.

Once you’ve seen Rachel in Mogul Moves, her name might slip your mind, you might not remember her face, but there’s no way you’ll ever forget the most famous bubble butt in the biz.

About Michael Stefano

No matter how many times Michael Stefano tries to retire from porn, he just can’t seem to stay away for long. And it’s not hard to understand why, when the industry has been so good to him. Performing in an estimated 3,000 scenes throughout the course of his career, Stefano is a multitalented man, having directed more than 200 scenes himself.

But his true passion, of course, is for fucking. Stefano credits his success to his love of pussy of all kinds and his ability to make newcomers feel at ease on screen. Stefano is a true industry legend, having won three AVN awards, including Male Performer of the Year in 2004.

But that’s not all! In fact, in 2010, Stefano received the greatest honor a porn star can ever recieve: being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame! His hard-earned hall of fame status puts him in the ranks with porn’s all time greats, and if you watch Mogul Moves, you’ll have to agree that he belongs there.

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