Morning After Masturbation Mona Azar

Morning After Masturbation

Morning After Masturbation
Mick Blue and Mona Azar

I decided to skip the Gaming Gets Jenna Horny video.  I just couldn’t bring myself to write about another Brazzers self-isolation masturbation porn video.  As soon as I saw Jenna Foxx with a sex toy on the thumbnail I made my mind up not to bother trying to write over 350 words about her ebony pussy getting pleasure by a hitachi wand.

I thought that my readers would be more interested in reading about Morning After Masturbation starring Mick Blue and Mona Azar.  I think that this Persian busty babe would be more appealing to my readers.  It’s nothing against the sexy black pornstar, Jenna Foxx, it’s just that solo girl videos just don’t pull in as much organic search engine traffic.


This Brazzers Morning After Masturbation porn video starts off with Mona Azar asleep on top of somebody’s bed.  She is wearing a pink PJ set that you can see her erect nipples through.  I think the idea is that she is having a wet dream and she starts to masturbate without even opening her eyes.  She has no idea that Mick Blue is watching her with her hand down her PJ bottoms and playing with her pussy.

Whatever she was dreaming about has made her super wet indeed!  Miss Azar looks hot in pink.  Her tanned skin makes a great contrast with those long knee high pink sock on too.  During Morning After Masturbation, when she wakes up from her dream, she is very horny as she didn’t quite reach orgasm.  So she was secretly delighted to find Mick Blue standing at the end of her bed.

Mona Azar wastes no time in displaying her need for cock.  She happily pulls her big natural tits out to give Mick Blue a massive hint that she was willing to fuck on his bed right now.  Mick was never going to say no to fucking a Persian hottie with a 100% natural body.

The sex in Brazzers Morning After Masturbation in fast and frantic.  Mick Blue certainly still has the stamina to keep up with Mona.  Her body loves riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to give the best camera angles of her big ass shaking about.