My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble Sofia Lee

My Girl's Double Is Anal Trouble

My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble
Charlie Dean and Sofia Lee

Brazzers must of been very impressed with FAKEhub when they released Stuck in a Washing Machine starring Josephine Jackson, because they has released their own version, this time starring Sofia Lee.  It looks like a total rip off of the FAKEhub version.  Even the splash scree looks very similar indeed.


I think the major difference in this Brazzers washing machine sex video is that it involves anal sex.  The other major difference is that this Brazzers My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble version has so many cheese over acted facial expressions.  It works when it’s the female lead performing the faces but when the guy tries to do it, it looks so cheesy, even for porn. I can only assume that the producer was asked to provide plenty of ‘OMG’, or ‘Shocked’ faces in the hope that it can be used in a porn advert at some stage after it’s released.

When Sofia Lee somehow gets her head stuck in a washing machine, her big ass is exposed to the world.  she is wearing sheer nylon tights and Charle Dean is eager to rip them open and fuck her in the ass.  Sofia has never let her boyfriend penetrate her ass with his big cock.  So this time Charlie applies plenty of lube over her big butt and eases his cock deep into her anal passage.

Whether or not Brazzers My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble will be more popular than FAKEhub Stuck in a Washing Machine remains to be seen.

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