My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down after receiving three violation strikes.  To be honest I was half expecting it.  I didn’t think that my content is what YouTube is really designed for.

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

Talking about pornography on YouTube was always going to be like walking a tight-rope.  I had to try really hard to avoid crossing the line of YouTubes terms and conditions.

But on 19th August 2018, one of my videos had been reported and reviewed and my YouTube channel got taken down.  I’m positive that there is no nudity, no nipples on show.  But there must of been something wrong with a video that was labelled by myself and ‘age-resticted’.

Even if my channel was never removed, and I gained the 4000 subscribers required to monetise the channel, I pretty sure they would not allow ads on the channel.  Even if I met all the other requirements needed to monetise the channel, it would still need to be reviewed.  It would of been at that stage when I would of been gutted to find that it would not be monetised.

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So what now?  Do I set up a new channel and try even harder not to violate YouTubes rules?  Or do I just upload my porn vlogs to PornHub.  I will be able to say more or less what I want on PornHub.

I’ve uploaded all my old YouTube vlogs to my XXXVideoEditor Pornhub channel, just to see if they get any response.  I’m not expected them to be a success on PornHub.  People go to PornHub to see porn videos, not a vlogger.

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