Nailing The Day Nurse Gianna Grey, Charles Dera

Nailing The Day Nurse
Gianna Grey, Charles Dera

Hot nurse wanking a private patient

Poor Charles Dera.  This is the second time this week that he is laid up in bed.  This time in Nailing the Day Nurse, he has a broken foot.  you may recall that in This Is Medical Masturbation Sir, he had a problem jerking off too much.

A the beginning of Nailing the Day Nurse, we find Charles Dera feeling sorry for himself, laying in bed looking at his left foot in a cast.  He asks his girlfriend if she wouldn’t mind putting a pillow under his injured foot to give it a little elevation.

Being an inpatient girlfriend, she horridly lives Charles bad foot up and slams it down onto the pillow leaving Charles in agony.  He really needs to get a new girlfriend.  She may be great in bed, but as soon as she realises that Charles is out of action for a while she gets pissed off.


To help her tend to Charles’s needs, his moody girlfriend calls a day nurse company to ask for a nurse to come to the house.  She expected an older woman to arrive, but instead she was slightly jealous to see the stunning Gianna Grey appear at her door.

In a rush to get out of the house and get to work Charles’s girlfriend stomps out of the door, leaving Gianna to introduce herself to Charles at his bedside.  Dressed in a pink nurses uniform, Gianna spoke softly and sympathetically to Mr Dera as she explains that she is there to tend to his every need while his girlfriend is at work.

Charle immediately notices that this hot nurse is not wearing a bra under her uniform.  As he fantasises about seeing her sweet tits, his cock becomes erect.  Gianna is shocked to see the bed covers rise as Charles Dera’s cock sticks up like a tent.  Shocked, but flattered,  nurse Grey whips back the bedsheets to expose Charles’ big dick.

It’s now obvious what kind of needs day nurse Gianna Grey will be tending to today.   She expertly give Charles a slow and sensual blowjob before letting him finger blast her wet pussy.  She breaks out into orgasms and her gushing pussy leaves wet patches all over the bed.

With Charles not able to stand up on his injured foot, Gianna Grey rids him like a pro.  Her cock grinding skills are second to none as she effortlessly takes his cock all the way down to the balls.

This is a Brazzers video that will be a real cock pleaser for fans of nurse uniforms.  It’m usual to see a pink nurse uniform, so this is a slight twist on this medical porn niche.