Nerd Loves Big Naturals Mrs Robinson

Nerd Loves Big Naturals
Van Wylde, Mrs Robinson

Nerd Loves Big Naturals

It’s not very often that we get to see a hot looking MILF making her Brazzers debut.  Bt Mrs Robinson makes her debut in a video called Nerd Loves Big Naturals.  We are used to seeing hot pornstars making their Brazzers debut and then flourishing into a beautiful MILF over the years.  But this is the first time we have had the pleasure of seeing this cock hungry MILF in the Brazzers studios.


Sexy MILF Mrs Robinson is trying to chat with her husband over dinner, but he’s just not listening and has his eyes on his phone. Luckily, there’s another man around, who seems a lot more interested in her; mysterious nerd window washer Van Wylde.

Mrs Robinson starts teasing the nerd by flashing her tits and pussy at him, all under her husband’s nose. When her husband finishes eating and leaves the room, Mrs Robinson opens the patio door and gives Van a proper greeting. She lets him inside to suck and fuck him… after all, her husband will never notice.

I was very impressed with Mrs Robinsons cock sucking skills.  She really knows how to handle a big cock when it’s offered to her on a plate.  Van Wylde looks brilliant in yellow rimmed glasses.  He plays the part of a nerdy looking window cleaner very well.  You’ll love seeing Mrs Robinson flash her tits and spread her legs wide open for the nerd to get a great view of her MILF pussy.

Nerd Loves Big Naturals has real potential to become a great porn advert.  The titty flashing and the wide open legs clips would look great.  Also the part when Van Wylde rubs he big flaccid cock up and down the window would make an eye catching porn ad moment of gold.

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