Nerds Rule!: Comic Relief

Elegant Lacy Lennon and Lily Larimar, two youngster companions and comic book gatherers, have FINALLY had the option to purchase a sexual comic book now that they’re mature enough to be permitted to.

Nerds Rule!: Comic Relief

New home from the store and focusing on no guardians, they cluster around the comic energetically, opening it and taking a gander at it in wonder.

Dumbfounded, they flip through the pages, investigating the universe of sensual lesbian funnies interestingly. For what reason did they draw the boobs so enormous?? How might the young ladies BEND that way??


In any case, with each page they turn, they can’t resist the urge to get turned on by the hot pictures. As they trade vulgar looks, they at last concur that simply READING about hot lesbian sex won’t cut it!