Non Fashion Moves Karlee Grey and Kendra Spade

non fashion moves

Non Fashion Moves
Karlee Grey, Kendra Spade

Holy fuck, ladies and gentlemen, this lesbian video called Non Fashion Moves has a little bit of everything.  Kendra Spade is looking for a nice new dress to wear to her bachelorette party, if you’re in the UK, it’s a hen party.

She walks into a small shop in town that she likes.  She has a friend in there who normally helps her out to find nice clothes for parties.  Karlee Grey is the shop assistant that Kendra loves to be helped by.  She always has great fashion tips and has a great sense of style.


In Brazzers Non Fashion Moves, Karlee is happy to remeasure Kendra’s stunning body to make sure that she all the right information before selecting the perfect dress for her.  Kendra is a little surprised that Karlee asks her to remove her dress and just stand in her underwear.  Karlee explains that it’s the best way to get the perfect measurements.

Lesbian Sex in a Shop

Whilst taking Kandra’s measurements, Karlee cannot help but compliment Mis Spade on her fabulous figure.  She tells her that her husband to be is a very lucky man.  But Kendra is a little nervous about the wedding night.  Kendra explains that her fiancee has never licked her pussy, and he was going to make sure that he tried on the wedding night.

When Karlee heard that Kendra had never had her pussy licked at all, she offered up her expert oral sex techniques to shoe Kendra what she has been missing for all these years.  Kendra opens her legs to allow Karlee to slide her tongue up and down her hairy pussy.  Kendra had never felt anything like it.

Soon Kendra’s pussy wet dripping wet and she wanted to explore more of this feeling of a women touch her body.  Very soon, both of these hot babes were totally naked on the shop floor and finger blasting each others pussies.

The only thing that No Fashion Moves has missing, it the use of sex toys.  I have not been able to watch the full video yet, but the trailer shows no sign of dildos or strap-ons.

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