One Bathroom Full House Kiki Klout

One Bathroom Full House
JMac and Kiki Klout

One Bathroom Full House

This is advertised as Kiki Klout’s first anal.  I presume it means that it’s her first anal on camera?  I would struggle to believe that it is her first anal sex encounter in her life.  Would a pornstar really of taken so long to get a big cock in her ass.  Whatever the circumstances, this Brazzers One Bathroom Full House anal sex video is a great watch.


Have you ever been stuck waiting for a bathroom? Isn’t it amazing when you can just walk right in at your leisure? Well, Kiki Klout is not so lucky. Yes, she’s beautiful, curvy, and full of attitude… But that doesn’t solve the problem of Jmac wasting time in the tub with a bunch of rubber ducks!

In One Bathroom Full House, with dreams of shower heads spraying warm water on her clit, Kiki bangs and shouts for Jmac to get the hell out. It’s her private time and she needs it. Fine. Fine! If he doesn’t want to move… Kiki climbs into the tub and starts unashamedly stroking her wet pussy, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure. Jmac, not one to be left out, eagerly jumps in to lend a helping hand — and a lot more…

One Bathroom Full House is the first time that we have seen Kiki Klout in a Brazzers porn video.  Will we be seeing her again anytime soon?  I’m wondering how Brazzers select which pornstars to bring back. Do they really on their web site statistics to figure out with pornstars bring in more memberships, or do they need to take who ever is available at the time?

There has been a new new faces appearing on the Brazzers web site over the last few months.  It’s always nice to see new starlet pornstars, but how long does it take for them to make another appearance.  I’m looking forward to seeing Paisley Porter again!

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