OnlyFans is the Best Thing to Happen to Twitter?

onlyfans and twitter

Every morning when I log onto Twitter, I’m greeted with some amazing sights of real hot women promoting their OnlyFans accounts.  I’ve spent far too long scrolling through my Twitter timeline looking at these sexy ladies flaunting their hot bods in hope to entice new members to sign up to their OnlyFans accounts.

Header image is Louise Lee
Louise Lee Twitter
Louise Lee OnlyFans

This has enabled me to discover new girls that I look forward to seeing on Twitter.  Twitter is a great platform for these (mostly) amateur models to generate fans and income via their OnlyFans pages.

Some of the top models are earning thousands of dollars through promoting their links.  I think that there is definitely a huge earning potential right now for women who work from home and have the confidence to get naked in front of a camera and get their tits and arse out on a daily basis.  Hats off to them.

My only fear is what will happen IF, one day, Twitter decides to ban nudes and OnlyFans links on their social media platform?  I leaves me wondering if the OnlyFans revenue would dry up for amateur models who would not be able to promote themselves without Twitter.

But, to be honest, would it really be a huge change?  It would still mean posting daily photos and videos, but in a more imaginative and creative way.  I have said numerous times on my previous porn blog posts that I am a big fan of cleavage.  So I would be more likely to visit an OnlyFans account just on a bit of teasing with cleavage.

I have seen some Twitter accounts grow very quickly.  I have followed some new OnlyFans girls with no more than 5000 Followers and within weeks they are hitting well over 20,000 to 30,000 followers.  It’s amazing just how quickly a great set of tits and ass can do when you need followers on Twitter.

It’s very rare to find any OnlyFans models to never go topless on Twitter.  I remember the old days of lads mags magazines where a top celebrity would do a photoshoot and go completely naked but covering their nipples.  I don’t think today’s OnlyFans girls have much of a choice but to show topless photos from the start.  I have seen some models covering their pussies and leaving that type of photo or video for their members only.

I have also often wondered if there is anyway for me to jump on board the OnlyFans wagon.  I did think about creating my own brand of JOI videos and try and use some of my British pornstar contacts star in them.  But then COVID happened and that idea has been shelved…it may resurface once the world settles down.