OnlyFans Models – Do you know about this Twitter Feature?

Embedding links into Twitter Videos

I have been using twitter of approximately 10 years and I think the emergence of ModelFans models has been the best thing to ever happen to twitter.  I see so many amazing looking OnlyFans models promoting their content on a daily basis.

However, I have noticed that the vast majority of OnlyFans models are not utilising a key feature that is available on Twitter via your laptop only (this feature is not available on your mobile at present).

embedding links in twitter video

When uploading a promotional video, you are able to insert links onto your video that are clickable directly to your only fans page.  This means that your potential new OnlyFans members can simply click on the video to be taken directly to your OnlyFans content.

Here’s how you do it.

If you do not see the MEDIA STUDIO option in your side bar then you need to follow these instruction carefully… (thanks to Greta)

1) sign in to twitter on a pc

2) click on your profile pic. If Media Studio is an option, then you’re already good to go. If you can’t see it, you need to enable it.

3) so to enable media studio…. one of the options you should see in the drop down menu when clicking your profile pic should definitely be Analytics. Click it. Maybe you have to then click yes to turn on analytics, I can’t remember

4) at the top there are now some subheadings (Tweets, Audiences, etc). Click on More, then Videos. You should now see some stats about whatever videos you may have posted.

5) Now…. go back to your profile page. Refresh the page with F5. Click on your profile pic. Media Studio should now be an option.

So once you get the above working, and you click on Media Studio, you will see every video and pic you ever uploaded to twitter. if you click on a Video it will bring up an options box.

Here you can add in the title and description of a video, and at the bottom you put your affiliate link in where it says “Call to Action”. you can choose what twitter will display beside it, either Watch Now, or Visit Site.  You’ll find that Watch Now is more effective. Then you have to tweet the video direct from the media studio.

This only works for future tweets. if you add your link to old videos without tweeting them again, the link won’t show up.

You can also schedule the tweets to be released at a certain time of the day too.  This means you can upload a good amount of promotional videos and have them go live in your sleep!

Any questions, please feel free to DM me via my XXXVideoEditor Twitter account.