What was the First FakeTaxi Video Ever?

I think this question will one day be part of a pub quiz,  What was the First FakeTaxi Video Ever Made?  So I thought I’d try and answer it the best way I can.

I actually edited the first five FakeTaxi porn videos ever to be recorded.  They were all Czech FakeTaxi scenes.  Unfortunately I was asked to start editing another brand just before the British FakeTaxi video were recorded.

To be honest, there was a batch of ten Fake Taxi videos that were released when the site was launched back in October 2012.  They were a mixture of London and Czech Fake Taxi scenes.

But if you want to answer the question correctly, then you will probably need to go with a scene called FakeTaxi Expensive Bill Means Gorgeous Brunette Has To Fuck And Suck.  According to the members area on FakeHub, this was the first scene released on October 1st, 2012.


But I believe that when Fake Taxi was originally released on it’s own, there was a bunch of ten videos released on the same launch day.  Now FakeTaxi is part of the FAKEhub Network.

The British pornstars that appeared in the first batch of Fake Taxi videos were, Lucia Love, Alyssa Devine, Ava Dalush and Samantha Bentley.

Hiring a Porn Video Editor with Experience

Hiring a porn video editorIf you are interested in hiring a porn video editor, then please take a look at my experience and skills.  I have been editing famous XXX videos since 2012.

My client list currently includes some of the WORLDS BEST porn sites.  These include : FakeTaxi, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Driving School, Public Agent, Fake Agent and also Splatbukkake.  I have recently completed a 12 month contract editing PropertySex.com porn videos.

Over the passes 8 years I have edited and uploaded some of the most viewed porn videos on PornHub.  Some of the Public Agent and Fake Taxi videos that I have edited have had millions of views on the most popular tube sites on the internet.

I have also worked with some popular solo girl models, editing their ManyVids and OnlyFans content share videos.  Models such as Madison Stuart, Sahara Knite, Carly Rae Summers, PoppyUK and Sophia Smith have used my porn editing services.

I am currently using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, and I am able to work from home using an iMac and a super fast fibre optic internet connection.  This allows me to download and upload content very quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a porn video editor with plenty of experience and knowledge cold make the difference between your content being successful and distributed properly across the internet.  There is a lot of competition out there in the adult industry, so getting the right porn video editor is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

I currently have 32K followers on Twitter that I can use to promote your videos once I have edited them.

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Where Did All My Google Traffic Go?


I woke up one morning in June, opened up Google analytics, and thought “where did all my Google traffic go?  From 15,000 unique visitors per day down to barely 2,000.  It happened more or less over night.

I’m not going to pretend that I have been following every SEO golden rule, but I have not changed a single thing in my blog post routine.  I post 2-3 blog posts per day, with tags, categories, 350 words, external link and internal links.  This method has generated 15,000 daily visits per day.  Then suddenly, it all fades away.

So what is going on?

google-traffic-graphFuck knows…that’s all I can say.  I canned through my previous weeks posts to see if I have made any fundamental changes to my site, but no, I was very strict with myself to keep to a structured posting routine.

Most of the day I would have at least 4-50 people viewing my site at any one time.  During peak hours, I would be hitting 80-90, but as I write this SEO blog post, I just have 4 people browsing through the porn blog posts I have written over the passed 2 years.

I have taken a look through google webmaster tools to see if I have any DMCA’s against me, but there in nothing listed.  All I can see on my google console is that my web traffic graph takes a huge nose dive towards the end on June.

To be honest, this has happened to me before, but I thought that I had made rookie errors and ruined my SEO myself.  I remember last year that my site was being cloned by some Ukrainian hackers.  I tried to block their IP addresses but ended up blocking Google crawl bots and my site did not get indexed for a few months.

This time, however, I have no idea why Google is not ranking my posts as highly as they were 3-4 weeks ago.  The only thing I can think of right now is that some of my backlinks may of disappeared.  Web sites that have had links pointing to my site may of been deleted at some point.

So what do I do now?

I think I’m just going to continue to my porn post routine and see what happens.  I’ll give it 3-4 months and see if my google traffic returns.  I’ll also go and look for more blog post exchanges and see if that helps.

If you have any ideas as to where did all my google traffic go, send me a tweet @xxxvideoeditor

Editing Splatbukkake Porn Videos

For the passed 14 months or so I have been editing Splatbukkake Porn Videos.  It was the first new client I had since working for FakeHub.  It was a great feeling to be able to work for several clients at a time.

Editing Splatbukkake Porn Videos

I put a tweet out to explain that I was now available to work as a freelance porn video editor.  I had been working exclusively for FakeHub brands for nearly 8 years, but the situation had changed and I was able to work for more clients.

I was delighted to be approached by Splatbukkake.com who asked if I would be interested in editing their bukkake party videos.  I had to be honest and say that I had never edited those kinds of videos, but I was happy to do a trial edit and see how it goes.

My main task was to make sure that everyone accept the main performers had their faces blurred if they were ‘caught on camera’.  I had a vast amount of experience in blurring faces.  I blur the face of the Fake Taxi driver on a weekly basis.

I also have to cut any footage that was not useful in creating a seemless video edit.  This meant cutting any footage of when the cameraman is moving to different angles during the party.

Some popular British pornstars have appeared at these sex parties over the passed 14 months or so.  Top rated British pornstars such as Gina James, Classy Filth, Pixie Little, Sophie Anderson, Lola Marie and Louise Lee have had their faces covered in spunk attending a splatbukkake party.

To date I have edited approximately 60 Splatbukkake porn videos.  It’s something I enjoy doing, and hopefully continue to do for a long while yet.

You can find out all the latest information regarding attending a Splatkukkake party by following them on Twitter.

Generation Porn Channel 4 Documentary


I never actually knew that this Generation Porn Channel 4 documentary had been made.  I have seen many porn documentaries on TV, and I usually hear about them before they air on T.V.

This time I only found out about 2 hours before it was broadcast.  I was in the gym, just flicking though Facebook (as you do in the gym) and saw a post on the Fake Taxi Facebook page.

Generation Porn was going to be on Channel 4 at 10pm and it was going to feature Fake Taxi owners, JT and Joe.  I was really looking forward to seeing thin new UK porn documentary.

Whilst watching it, I was delighted to see just how much JT and Joe were actually on screen for.  Joe gives a tour of the porn studios in Prague, and JT gave an explanation into how he was part of the ‘free porn’ explosion.

I think most people outside the porn industry would of been surprised to find out just how much money is being made from ‘free porn’.  With the amount of members that Fake Taxi has it’s no wonder that Jt was able to be seen driving his white Ferrari in Generation Porn.

I joked on Twitter during the time that this programme was on, that I was surprised that I didn’t get a mention.  As a Fake Taxi video editor, I am always proud to site the site mentioned on mainstream TV.

The First Public Agent Video I Edited

I was asked if I could remember the first Public Agent video I edited, and after a a few seconds, I was able to recall it. 


Racking my brains, I tried to remember the name of the performer in the Public Agent video, but no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to remember the names.  I struggle to remember my own kids birthdays, so remembering name from 8 years ago was never going to happen.

Luckily for me, I was the first editor to work on Public Agent, so I knew where to find the first video.  The very first batch of Public Agent videos went live on September 1st, 2012.

If I remember correctly, there was a total of 15 Public Agent videos that went live on that launch date. The first one that I actually opened up to start editing n would of been Redhead Gets A Full Creampie in a Parking Garage, starring Denisa Heaven.

See it on PornHub >> http://bit.ly/2JjTSjW

Whilst writing this porn blog entry, I can actually recall the scene quite clearly in my head.  Denisa was lost in Prague, on her way to a casting for a movie.  She got talking to our Public Agent and they both ended up fucking in an underground parking lot.

What Denisa was not expecting was for Public Agent to cum inside her pussy.  The ending to this first Public Agent video that I edited was really funny.  It finished with Denisa Heaven chasing him around the parking lot.

I have now edited over 500 Public Agent videos since 2012.  I edited the very first and I can also say that I edited the very latest called Train Station Public Sex starring the very pretty Marilyn Crystal.

Is Step Mom Porn Still a Taboo Subject in Porn?

Is Step Mom Porn Still a Taboo Subject in Porn


Is step mom porn still a taboo subject in porn or has the constant release of step mom porn videos saturated and normalised it?

Step mom porn videos are a common niche now in the porn industry.  Brazzers, and Reality Kings have led the way in producing some of the most popular step mom porn video in recent years.  Even the guys at SEXYhub and FAKEhub have released their own step porn fantasy videos.

I remember when these types of video started to appear, they would of been seen a a taboo subject.  A bit risky and controversial.  But now that there are so many step sons fucking their stepmom videos I’m wondering whether they are no longer regard as taboo.

So do you think that step mom porn is still a  taboo subject in Porn?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising.  I love some of the Brazzers video that feature some of the top rated MILF pornstars in the world.  There must still be a huge interest otherwise, I’m sure Brazzers, Reality Kings, FAKEhub and SEXYhub would not be wasting resources in producing them.

Do Cheating Wife Videos Turn You On?

Do Cheating Wife Videos Turn You On


There are a lot of cheating videos released recently, so this has made me to ask the question do cheating wife videos turn you on.  Brazzers Real Wife Stories show a lot of top rated pornstars acting as wives who fuck behind their husbands back.

As a married man with 4 children, I’m not really a big fan of this type of niche.  Yes, I know it’s just fantasy and so guys get off thinking about fucking someone’s wife, but not me.

However, Real Wife Stories porn video are incredibly popular.  I remember when this blog started generating search engine results it was Real Wife Stories that were the most popular search for video on this XXX blog.

There is the other side of thinking too.  Maybe there are plenty of female porn fans out there that also like fantasise about having a quick fling while their husband is drinking with the boys.

So, do cheating wife videos turn you on? When you think about wives, you tend to think that it will be mostly MILF babes getting there cheating pussies fucked, and you’ll be right.  I can’t actually remember a teen wife being fucked just yet.

Beautiful Women Grow On Trees in Czech Rep


When I first started to edit porn video for FakeHub, I  was told by the producers that Beautiful Women Grow On Trees in Czech Rep.  I was told this because I asked why do FakeHub and SexyHub use so many Czech models.

It’s easy to see why SexyHub recruit so many girl from Czech.  They suit the SexyHub brand so easily.  They all have a slender toned body that lend itself perfectly to brands such as Massagerooms, Lesbea, DaneJones, MomXXX and Fitnessrooms.

Czech babes such as Nathaly Cherie, Alexis Crystal, Kathy Anderson, have all appeared on some of the most erotic SexyHub brands in recent years.  So you can see why porn producers such as LewFAKEhub, believe that beautiful women grow on trees in Czech Rep.

Check out these Czech women at SexyHub.com

Nurse Uniform Porn Videos are Still a Huge Attraction

Nurse Uniform Porn Videos


Just take one good look at  Carmen Caliente, above at you’ll soon realise why nurse uniform porn videos are still a huge attraction.  There is something about seeing a nurse in a sex white that can put a guy on his knees.

Going back to the days of the British Carry On films, the nurses outfit has a special place in the heart of porn producers around the world.  If there was ever a shortage of scenario ideas, the pulling the nurse outfit is an easy set to slip on and record.

Brazzers have Doctors Adventures as their home for all naughty nurse videos.  Some of todays leading pornstars have all been dressed up as sexy nurses and fucked by their patients.  Busty pornstars such as Marica ChanellePenny Pax and Gia Milana have all slipped on the nurses sexy uniform and had their wet fuck holes penetrated.

British Ebony Pornstar Lola Marie in Fake Taxi

Even the FakeTaxi driver has had a naughty nurse or two on the backseat of his taxi.  Picking up over worked British nurses and fucking them on the backseat can be seen at FakeTaxi.com.  you won’t find these British nurses in white uniforms, they are in their regulation blue outfits for their Fake Taxi ride.

Do you have a favourite nurse porn video. Or have you seen a sexy babe in a nurse outfit that really turned you on?  Let us all know about it in the comments below!