Alexis Fawx Best Porn Videos of 2020

Whenever I write about a new Alexis Fawx porn video being released, I’m always commenting on just how great her body is. I think I may of mentioned on more than one occasion, that Miss Fawx has one of the best MILF bodies in the adult industry.

So, I thought I would write a porn blog article about some of the best Alexis Fawx porn video that I have seen in 2020.  I must confess that I have mainly seen her best performances in Brazzers videos, but I will include some of her other work in other top rated porn web sites too.  She have performed in 13 Brazzers porn video in 2020, so it would have been hard not to include some of them in Alexis Fawx Best Porn Videos of 2020.

So, in no particular order, let me take you through what I believe to be the best Alexis Fawx porn videos of 2020.

On October 26th, 2020 Brazzers unleashed Alexis Fawx in a workout sex video called MILF Demands Workout Sex.  They dressed her up in the tightest workout gear they could find in wardrobe and paired her up with Xander Corvus.

Alexis Fawx Workout 2020

The result was not only a a great Alexis Fawx porn video, but one of the best pornstar workout videos of 2020 too.  Seeing her great ass in a pair of blue tight legging and a white top that could barely hold back her amazing tits was a welcome sight.

Behold the welcome return of Captain Stabbin’! Anal adventures on the rolling seas are back with the curvy Latina goddess Alexis taking the helm! The beautiful Miami surf and sun makes her big assets glow as she entices Van Wylde for some fun times off shore.

The bikini clings to her big tits and rides between her juicy ass, eager to bounce and grind on your throbbing – Wait, what’s going on? Who the hell are these idiots? Did someone leak the admin credentials? Seems like this ragtag collection has a different idea for Stabbin’s future – involving strip clubs, brothels, mansions, yachts, trailer parks, houseboats, villains and heroes…

And plenty of sex along the way. Will our intrepid band of misfits manage to create a successful porn site in an age of indie content, backstabbing partners, and production hell? Probably not. But it’ll be fun to see them try! Time to relaunch this boat!

For my final top pick of porn video starring Alexis Fawx in 2020 I have chosen Alexis’ Staycation from The Babes Network.  Alexis plays a new stepmom, she could not be more confident but Eliza could use a boost!

Alexis has been bugging Eliza to lose her virginity forever – might as well practice before you meet someone you really like. The two are at the Country Club, enjoying a sunny day, when Troy asks for their drink orders. Alexis can sense the chemistry between Troy and Eliza… and she has an idea!

Well that’s another porn blog added to this web site.  I’m always looking for guest writers to post porn articles on this web site.  Please feel free to email XXXVideoEditor if you would like to add a porn article to my web site.

We Love Luna Star Porn Videos

This is my latest in the We Love…series of porn blog posts.  Today I have created this We Love Luna Star post.   With her big tits and amazing ass, there’s little wonder why she is one of the most recognisable pornstar on the planet. 

Born in Cuba, Luna star departed her birth home and headed for the bright lights of Miami in search of a college degree but she soon found herself in hot demand for porn that she believes she was born to do.

Here are some of my personal favourite Luna Star porn videos from top rated porn site on the internet :

In Reunited And She Looks So Good Luna Star wears a stunning dark red dress that shows off her incredible figure.  With her fantastic cleavage on show, she looks a million dollars as she steps into a college reunion ball.  Those dark brown eye and long brunette hair, catches all the guys attention and there is a scramble to inside her dress.

Reunited And She Looks So Good

But it’s Isiah Maxwell who is the lucky bastard who gets to get his big black cock buried deep inside Luna Stars Latina pussy.  Luna Str and Isiah Maxwell reignite their old flame by having hardcore sex in the rest room and leaving their current partners in the party.

My next choice of Luna Star porn videos is a classic.  In Grocery Store MILF, Miss Star gets her arse fucked on the floor of a real grocery store.  I hadn’t seen anything like it before.  It was a crazy anal sex video.  A totally insane show of anal sex in a public place.

Grocery Store Milf

Ricky Spanish is the male pornstar that watches Luna fuck herself with a big long cucumber.  She teases him by inserting it deep into her pussy and then rubbing her arsehole with it.

I’m was amazed to see these two pornstars having anal sex in the grocery store.  It’s such an insane porn video.  Definitely a must watch for all new and old fans of this Cuban babe.

For my final selection for this We Love Luna Star video collection, I have chosen a video called Latina Hiker Makes Outdoor Sextape.  I like this outdoor hardcore sex video because it a Luna Star video where she has dyed her hair blonde.  These is something about seeing Luna with blonde hair that shakes up her videos a little.

One of the many things I remember about this outdoor Latina ex video (apart from her sexy blonde hair) was the magnificent POV tit wank that she does. She is wearing a pink baseball cap and sticks her boyfriends big cock between her big boobs and slowly performs a really sexy POV tit wank.

Does Angela White Make Anal Sex Videos?

I kid you not, I over heard a conversation on the train where a guy asked his friend, does Angela White make anal sex videos.  As you can imagine, my ears pricked up and I did my very best to listen in to more of this conversation.  All I could make out over the sound of some cunt eating crisps on the other side of the aisle was that he had never seen an Angela White anal sex video before.

Australian Pornstar Angela WhitePart of me wanted to jump out of my seat and join in this conversation.  As you can imagine, I’m an Angela White fan and have been ever so fortunate to edit an Angela White Property Sex video a few years ago.  She could be the most famous pornstar I have ever edited.

I could not believe that this guy had never seen an Angela White anal sex scene.  this led me to think that there maybe others out there in the same boat.

So let me answer that question that I heard…Does Angela White Make Anal Sex Videos?

We might as well start off with this classic anal sex video that the title really gives away.  It’s Angela Loves Anal from November 2016.  This could be the first Angela White anal sex video that I ever saw.  Watching her tight butthole being penetrated by Marcus Dupree cemented this big breasted Australian mega star into my all time favourite porn star list.

Now let’s pop over to Reality Kings and watch the Australian anal lover performing in the fans favourite called Foxy Angela Loves Anal, released way back in October 2017.  A very similar porn video title don’t you think?  So just by these two videos alone, you can already figure out that Miss White loves a big cock in her butt.

Angela White Cock in her Ass

In this anal sex video, Angela white is dressed as a kinky fox and even has a foxes tail dildo stuffed in her arse while Marcus pounds away at her pussy.  With a set of foxes ears on her head Angela really looks sexy as fuck in this video.

So there you go.  If you were that guy on the train talking about Angela White taking cock deep in her arse, I hope I have answered your question.  Angela White CERTAINLY does make anal sex videos, and they are fucking awesome!

Claudia Valenzuela OnlyFans Model from Mexico

Hello, my name is Claudia Valenzuela from Mexico and I am delighted to be the very first guest porn blog writer on  I found his post on his twitter account and emailed him straight away.

I am currently looking to work with other porn production companies and other OnlyFans girls too.  Please follow me on my twitter account is @cvalenzuelaxxx.  I currently have over 46K followers and I would love to reach 50K very soon.  You can also find me on Instagram too @CLAUDIAVALENZUELAOFICIAL.

But I think you will find that all my best and naughtiest content is on my OnlyFan account

I’m a Latina model and actress and I enjoy creating pornography videos.  At 34 years old I would now describe myself as a sexy Latina MILF.  I really enjoy uploading plenty of video and photos of myself to my OnlyFans account.  I upload something different such as videos of myself lactating. I think you will love watch my milk squirting from by boobs.

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Most Viewed Videos on PornHub 2020 (UnOfficial)

With the global pandemic taking grip around the world, I can only presume that PornHub had more than their average amount of yearly views.  I have tried my best to put together the most viewed videos on PornHub 2020.


I’m hoping my technique of using the filters on PornHub has worked and this list is as accurate as I can make it….

10. Naughty Stepdaughter Ep 16 Pt 1 – Stepdad caught jerking watching

9. My bf fucks me and my sister joins us | Amateur threesome


7. My best friend tricked me with the taste game

6. Big Boobs Girl in Sexy Lingerie Fucked in the Kitchen with Cum in Her Mouth

5. Gorgeous fit girl LacyLuxxx fucked by a horny stud

4. Sexy step daughter show her step daddy dance from tiktok and get

3. Stuck Step Mom Becky Bandini Fucked By Son

2. Step Sisters BFF “Are you going to play with your present?”

Step Sis “Maybe we should just put it in, you said so yourself it wouldn’t be

* Figures correct  as of 29th December 2020 at approximately 1600 GMT.

My Favourite PornHub Thumbnails

I visit PornHub on a daily basis.  It’s part of my job.  I have to upload the FAKEHUB videos that I have edited.  So every day I will log into PornHub and upload my video using the video manager.  But, I have to confess that I often spend too much time on PornHub just looking at the thumbnails that other content providers are using.

I don’t actually have time to watch the videos, but here are just a handful of some of the PornHub thumbnails that I would click on if I had the time to watch other content providers porn.

As you may of probably noticed, a lot of these thumbnails feature women with big tits…hey, what can I say?

Personal Favourite Porn Edits of 2020

As the turbulent year of 2020 gets closer to the end, here are my personal favourite porn edits of 2020.  These porn edits are all from FAKEhub where I have been a senior porn editor for nearly 10 years now. 

They are in no particular order, as I am not able to separate them!  I’m hoping that by browsing through the FAKEhub site, I should be able to remember the porn editing in done in 2020…I have edited approximately 180 FAKEhub porn videos in 2020.

Cookies and Cream for Hot Russian
Fake Taxi starring Venera Maxima

cookies and cream for hot russian

I’ve included the stunning Venera Maxim because she is…well…stunning.  In this Fake Taxi video, she is dressed up as some kind of cookie salesperson.  I’m thinking she is supposed to resemble a mature girl guide type women.  Whatever the uniform she is wearing, it look great on her.

Fuck the Location Fee
Fake Hostel starring Mia Rose

fuck the location fee

This was one of the very first Fake Hostel videos that I ever got to edit.  Mia Rose is a sexy new teen pornstar with natural tits and curvy figure.  She begins this scene by taking some sexy selfies for her social media fans.  The hostel manager peeks through the door and watches her expose her big natural boobs.

He approaches her and explains that is she is making money from her topless selfies, then she needs to pay a location fee.  Mia Rose doesn’t want to pay him with cash, she pays him by letting him suck her big tits and fuck her pussy.

Face Mask Fucking with Big Boobs
Public Agent starring Mia Rose

In 2020 it was only a matter of time before somebody tries to make porn out of a global pandemic.  you’ll be surprised to find just how many time people have been searching for ‘COVID Porn’ or ‘Corona Porn’ on sex tube sites such as Pornhub.

So the guys at Public Agent decided to put their creative minds to the test and put a hole through Mia Rose’s face mask and get her to suck a cock through it.  I’m pretty sure that it won’t be the only porn video out there that features women sucking cock through a face mask.

Nathaly doesn’t like it Dirty
Fake Taxi starring Nathaly Cherie

I have editing Nathaly video before, but I had never edited her with her massive tits.  Those big puppies certainly caught my attention when I edited this Fake Taxi video.  This hot blonde is not very impressed with the hygiene levels in the back of the taxi.  She is certain that she can see Harry Munk on the backseat too.

I really enjoyed watching Nathaly’s massive tits bouncing as she take a ride on a big cock on the spunk covered backseat of this legendary London black cab.

Posh Totty Pussy Pounding
Fake Taxi starring Honour May

Fake Taxi Posh Totty Poussy Pounding

I’ll won’t be forgetting the sight of watching John the taxi driver trying to run after his taxi when Honour May drives off with it.  Whilst taking a piss in the bushes, British brunette pornstar Honour May jumps into the driver seat and drives around the field leave John running after her.

You can see him running as fast as his ageing legs can carry him.  When Honour feels guilty, she stops that taxi and has to to pay the consequences of having John’s big helmeted cock deep in her pussy.

Jasmine Jae v Public Agent
Female Fake Taxi starring Jamine Jae

This was a very clever idea from FAKehub.  Combining a Female Fake Taxi video with a Public Agent video was a great idea.  It was the first time that Jasmine Jae had been the taxi driver in the Fake Taxi spin off.  I was extremely delighted to edit this video.  However, I was less impressed with having to blur the Public Agents face throughout most of this great video.

I particularly enjoyed watching Jasmine unleash those big fake British boobs and use her perfect blowjob lips to good use on a big fat cock.

Banging the Easter Bunny
Fake Taxi starring Liza Billberry

Oh what a fantastic pair of natural boobs Liza Billberry has on her.  In this Easter themed Fake Taxi porn video, we find Liza dressed in a fancy dress costume on her way to an Easter party.

But before she gets there, she is seduced by a new Fake Taxi driver who cannot pass up the opportunity of getting his big cock sliding in between Liza Billberry’s perfect looking boobies.

Two Dirty Northern Sluts
Female Fake Taxi starring Amber Jayne and Atlanta Moreno

What a pleasure it was to edit this lesbian porn video. These two hot British babes enjoy a full on fingering and pussy licking time in the back on the cab.  They give each other multiple orgasms and share bodily fluids in this crazy Female Fake Taxi ride.

There is a really good part when Atlanta Moreno is face fucking Amber’s pussy and there is a knock on the taxi door window.  A member of the public had found them having lesbian intercourse and had called the police…brilliant!

MILFS Perfect Body Fucked for Cash
Public Agent starring Subil Arch

When Subil Arch got naked in this Public Agent MILF video, I had to take a moment and just look at her amazing looking body.  I got a glimpse of her tits and ass in the early footage, but I could not of wished to of edited such a great looking MILF body.

Subil Arch has one of the best looking bodies that I had the honour of editing through out 2020.  I really hope I get to edit more of her videos in the near future.

Anal is the Only Way to Pay
Fake Taxi starring Amber Deen

Here’s one of my favourite anal sex videos of 2020.  Scottish blonde bombshell Amber Deen rides up front in the filthy taxi as the dirty taxi driver sticks a cucumber in her asshole.  This truly is a full on hardcore anal sex video.

Thinking about it, I don’t recall ever editing an Amber Deen video where she doesn’t get her sexy arse filled with a big cock.

Nurse Uniform Hand Picked Porn Videos

Let’s be honest, I think we’ve all watched a hot nurse in uniform in a porn video and wished that would happen in real life, right?  Whether it’s the classical white nurse uniform or the modern looking blue nurse outfit, there is something very sexually appealing about them.

nurse uniform porn videos

Personally, I really enjoy the nurse porn videos where you get to see plenty of cleavage.  Being able to get a quick peek down the top of a nurses uniform and seeing a bit of tit, works for me.  Whether I’ve tried looking in real life, I’m not going to say 😉

My wife is actually a paramedic and I’m always telling her to do her top button up because there are people out there who like looking down, looking for cleavage.  Unfortunately for my wife, she does have large boobs and her tits are always on show in one form or another.

Let’s look at some great looking pornstars who have dressed up in nurse uniforms in porn videos.  It’s easy to go through some of the major porn web sites and find some great videos featuring some of the hottest porn stars.

Brazzers Nurse Uniform Video

For me, one of the most memorable nurse porn videos that sticks in my mind is called Beside Manner starring Julie Cash and Keiran Lee.  Julia plays a hot blonde nurse with her tits pushed right up and half hanging out of her white uniform.  Keiran Lee is the luck hospital patient who gets to be nursed by this hot busty blonde nurse.

Nurse Cash has been to she her boss because there had been complaints about her bedside manner and she needs to do something about it before she gets the sack.  Julia really loves her job as a nurse so she decides to raise her game.  Miss Cash chooses Keiran Lee as her guinea pig to try her new approach on.

Her bedside manner goes from one extreme to another, instead of talking about boring subjects like the weather and current affairs, she uses her big tits to keep her patients spirits up.  Of course, with this being a porn video, there has to be sex involved somewhere.

Keiran Lee’s cock is given the full treatment from nurse Julie Cash.  She makes sure that she gets complimented about her new bedside manner by sucking, fucking and giving a world class tit wank to famous British male porn star Mr Keiran Lee.

I don’t think Keiran Lee will be giving Julie Cash a bad report after she has finished with him.  Her big tits and huge arse give him the hospital visit he’ll never forget!

Reality Kings Nurse Uniform Video

It didn’t take me long to find a great nurse porn video on the Reality Kings porn site.  As soon as I saw blonde British pornstar Brooklyn Blue in that iconic white PVC nurse outfit, I was done!  I actually remember seeing this video called Dr. Jordi, Lil MD when it was released back in May 2020.  I knew that it would be a porn fans favourite just by looking at the superb looking splash screen.  It shows Miss Brooklyn Blue getting fucked from behind by Jordi using a pair of crutches.

Brooklyn looks fantastic in just a nurses hat and a pair of silver high heels.  Why she is wearing silver high heels, is not quite known but it does make for a great screenshot.

Brooklyn Blue is wearing the shortest PVC white uniform that she could ever find.  Her sexy arse cheeks are on full display every time she bend over in front of patients and other doctors.  Jordi has spotted that she is also wearing a pair of tiny red panties that barely cover her arse at all.

When he finds out that nurse Brooklyn is about to go on a date with a sleazy Doctor, he makes it his goal to fuck her before she gets a chance to leave.  Jordi dresses in an official looking doctors white coat and pretends to be a new doctor in the hospital.  He is eager to get inside Brooklyn’s tiny little red panties as soon as possible.

He brushes his big cock up against her arse, and Miss Blue is immediately impressed with the size of his semi-erection.  She’s feeling horny and wants immediate sexual satisfaction.  This busty blonde nurse drags Dr Jordi into an empty ward and gets sucking on his big Spanish cock.  Brooklyn loves a big cock and wastes no time at all in getting her pussy stuffs by Dr Jordi in this Reality Kings classic nurse uniform fun fuck.


In my choice of MOFO’s hot nurse uniform videos, I have chosen one called Naughty Nurse Gives Good Head starring Aaliyah Hadid and Kyle Mason.  From the screenshot you find Kyle looking sad in a wheelchair and a leg support.  Behind him is sitting Aaliyah Hadid wearing a full on sexy zip up white nurse uniform.  It’s the kind of nurse uniform that you just want to unzip from the front and motor boat her tits.

The slight twist in this video selection, is that Miss Hadid is not actually areal nurse at all.  She is just dressing up for her boyfriend Kyle who is down in the dumps after breaking his leg.  What a fucking awesome girlfriend she is!

The ending to this MOFOS Aaliyah Hadid nurse video is quite brilliant.  She manages to gather all of Kyle Mason’s cum into a large syringe and then squirt it all over her face.  She managed to hit the end of her nose which makes the cum explode all over her pretty face.

Underneath her sexy nurse fancy dress outfit, Miss Hadid is wearing some very sexy red underwear.  I think it must be a popular choice for porn wardrobe departments to match red underwear or lingerie with the white nurse uniforms.

The unique part of this hot nurse porn video is when Aaliyah rides her BF’s cock while he is still in the wheelchair.  Watching her bounce up and down of his big cock when he is still struggling to move around is quite brilliant.  It is definitely a great way of cheering him up after breaking his leg.

I almost forgot to mention the part where Kyle Mason sticks a syringe inside Miss Hadid’s sexy arsehole.  She bends over right in front of his face and let’s him insert a plastic syringe into her winking butthole.  It’s fucking brilliant!


Now this was a difficult decision to make.  There have been quite a few awesome Fake Taxi nurse uniform videos released over the years.  How was I going to choose just one to put onto this hot nurse uniform blog post?  I finally made the decision to add this Barbie Sins Fake Taxi video where she is dressed in the blue nurses uniform.  I thought it would be a good idea to include the blue uniform after writing about the traditional white uniform in the videos above.

Miss Sins is a British porn actress that I have had the pleasure in editing quite a few times for FAKEhub.  I have edited her in Fake Taxi, Public Agent and Fake Driving School video.  She is always on top form a a great professional.

In this Fake Taxi video called Busty Naughty Nurse Dirty Taxi Ride she is initially dressed in a black dress, but she is on her way to a client who wants her to dress up in a sexy nurse uniform for a role play session.  Barbie Sins and the taxi driver are old friends so she has no problem in changing into her blue nurse outfit in the back of he cab.

Barbie explains that her client is into water-sports and wants her to piss her pants at the same time as wearing the uniform.  This gets the taxi driver a little horny and wants her to do the same thing for him in the back of the London taxi.  Barbie Sins agrees to piss her white cotton panties and lets her piss drip all over the seat and floor.

The British London taxi driver loves every minute of it.  He decides that he wants to fuck Barbie before she goes to see her client.  He finds a convenient place to pull over and joins her in the back of his filthy London taxi.

This is where this Barbie Sins nurse Fake Taxi porn video turns into a hardcore porn delight.  Barbie has her pussy licked and finger blasted before having a big dildo inserted into her British wet pussy.  Barbie deepthroats the taxi drivers cock in POV and then treats him to a long and slow rimjob and anal fingering.

The scene ends with one of Fake Taxi’s legendary facial cumshots which leaves Barbies face dripping with cum.  I must also say that her body looks absolutely great in her black underwear that you get to see when she is getting changed into her nurse uniform.