What Equipment Do I Use for Porn Video Editing?

When I first started editing porn videos, I was using a laptop attached to an external monitor for playback.  Looking back, I can’t believe how I managed to edit videos for Sarah Peachez using that equipment.

I actually still remember rocking up to meet the guys from FAKEhub and just pulled out my laptop.  I think they were slightly surprised that I was able to produce the goods on that old machine.

Porn Editing Hardware

Today, thankfully, I am working on a 24 inch iMac.  I have a G Raid external hard drive that I edit from.  The G Raid hard drive is an awesome piece of kit!  I also have to double back up all my videos that I edit on to passport drives.

The iMac is a real hardcore piece of kit.  It never lets me down.  I had never used an iMac before becoming a full-time porn editor and I can’t see myself ever going back to a Windows operating system.

Porn Editing Software

The Software that I use on a day to day basis is the awesome editing tool called Premiere Pro.  I was using Final Cut for about 7 years, but then made the switch to Creative Cloud Premiere Pro about 3 years ago.

I find using Premiere Pro much easier when dealing the MP4 files.  I also like the built in Adobe Media Encoder, rather than using a third party encoder after editing.

I also make a lot of use out of Adobe Photoshop.  It is a great piece of software to create great looking thumbnails and end slates on.

So if you have the resources, I would definitely recommend purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud package that includes both Premiere Pro and Photoshop.  Also After Effects once you know what you are doing.

He Cums Four Times in One Fake Taxi Video

All I can say is well-played.  Being able to cum four times in one 30 minute porn video is an amazing achievement even by today’s porn standards.


Not only does he shoot a good load of spunk each time, but he is also able to maintain his erection after shooting his load over Mia Rose.  It’s a true pleasure to edit this kind of video.  This Taxi driver picks up a gorgeous brunette teen with fucking awesome tits.  She is not wearing a bra and you can quite clearly she her big nipple poking through her white top.

Mia Rose with Cum on her Arse

Mia Rose was still wearing a face mask.  She didn’t need to, but she felt safer wearing it.  During the scene, Mia Rose let it slip that she was just 18 years old.

She was on her way to met a man that she met on a dating app.  It was the first time that she had been out of Corona Virus isolation and her pussy was gagging for a big cock inside her.  Unfortunately she she arrived at his house, he was already fucking some other woman.

So with her pussy still in need of some post Corona Virus sex, she started flirting with the taxi driver.  He was more than happy to step in and fuck this sexy brunette teen with great tits.

Like I said at the start of this porn post, the taxi driver cums four times.  Once in her mouth, once in her pussy and twice over her sexy big ass.  This scene shows that it is possible for men to have multiple orgasms one after the other!

I believe it’s all a matter of train the body and mind.  It takes time to master, but I’m sure the reward is very pleasing for both male and females alike.

Carmel Anderson British Pornstar Appreciation

Carmel Anderson has a mighty fine little arse.  I have been admiring her little butt for many years now.  Ever since I saw her in one of her very first Fake Taxi videos, I became a fan.  Not only of her ass, but of her pornstar performances in general.

I decided to write this Carmel Anderson’s ass blog article after I saw her tiny tush again in a Fake Taxi video.  I was creating some Twitter porn adverts and saw a fantastic thumbnail on the FakeHub members area and it brought back memories of editing her porn videos.  The thumbnail shows her on all fours sucking a big cock, wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts. the daisy dukes barely covered her arse cheeks.  It really shows off her petite little body.

Hot British Pornstar Carmel Anderson

As some of you may already know, I am definitely a big boob fan, so it may surprise some of you that Carmel is one of my favourite pornstars as she does have small boobs.  But there is something about her that keeps me going back to her scenes time after time.

I have edited Carmel Anderson in Fake Taxi, Fake Cop and Public Agent, and have enjoyed every minute of her performances.  I particularly enjoyed her first outing in Fake Cop when she was wearing a tiny gym outfit before getting fucked in the arse by coppers big long cock.

In her 2nd appearance in the the Fake Cop series, she was in Spain.  She was caught stealing oranges by a British officer on a work exchange experiment.  I think she found out that I was a fan by the time she shot this scene, because she sent me a personal message during an off camera moment!! Brilliant!  In this Fake Cop in Spain video, she gets bent over outdoors in the sunshine and pounded by a huge cock.

Carmel Anderson Sucking in Spain

I believe that Carmel is no longer shooting mainstream porn for studios.  I understand that she is shooting self made content.  I really hope that she can return to FAKEHub one day.  I would truly love to edit more of her porn.

You can find Carmel Anderson still tweeting her work by following her on Twitter.  Her twitter account name is @xPowerToolettex

If you want to see more of this hot, tiny British babe then you can watch Carmel Anders getting fucked during a casting interview for a modelling job.  If that is still not enough for you, then check her our when she gets fucked in a Public Agent POV video at night time.

Carmel Anderson Twitter Information

How To Be a Porn Video Editor 2020

I’ve lost count how many times I have received emails or tweets from people asking how to become a porn video editor.  So I thought rather than writing out long winded emails as a reply, I could simply send them a link to this porn video editing blog post.

First of all, I’m in no position to be giving anybody a job porn editing.  There is no point in asking me if I can get them a job editing porn. My job is a porn video editor and I do not produce my own content.

I am currently working on FAKEhub web sites, such as the world famous Fake Taxi, Public Agent amongst others.  So how DO YOU become a porn video editor? Well to be honest, you need to start from the bottom and work your way up.  Offer your services for free for a while and get a good quality showreel together to show potential clients in the future.

I actually started out editing free videos for Sarah Peachez back in 2010-2011.  I would credit her with giving my my first break in the adult industry.  I edited 5 videos for her, free of charge, whilst I was still working in my 9-5 office job.

Once you feel that you have a strong showreel together, I would recommend that you buy a domain name and set up a web site where you can advertise your services and display your showreel.  You might find it difficult to host your showreel on mainstream video hosting sites if you are showcasing pornographic editing.  you would probably have to open a PornHub account and host your showreel there.

Then social media will be your next port of call.  Having a strong social media presence will help you get your name noticed.  I’ve been able to grow my Twitter account to over 46K followers at the moment, and I find it a great source of networking.

One thing you also need to understand is that adult content creators are now producing their own content and publishing directly onto platforms such as ManyVids and OnlyFans.  It is very easy for them to record and upload directly to those platforms.  So unless you are able to provide a cheap, reliable service, there would be no point in them using your services.  I think that the only service that they would be interested in right now would be watermarking and trailers.

So there you go guys and girls. If you want to become a porn video editor, then you need to put in some time for free, get a following, and get networking.

Porn Confessions – I’ve Never Actually been on a Porn Set

Although I’ve been editing porn for nearly ten years and have over 46K Twitter followers, it actually pains me to say that I’ve never actually been on a porn set.

I think the closest I’ve actually come is visiting the building in Prague where Fake Hospital used to be filmed, but I was there when there was no porn being filmed, so that doesn’t count.

Me and Fake TaxiI’ve also taken a selfie with one of the original Fake Taxi cars when it was parked up in the production manager’s garden, but I’ve never actually witnessed any porn being shot at all.

But I am a porn video editor after all…so there’s little, if any point in my being on set at all. 

I have been invited a few times but the timing was not right, or circumstances changed and it never happened.

I did think about trying to talk myself into having a cameo role in a Fake Taxi scene.  I was hoping that I could just walk passed the taxi while the pornstar is being picked up at the same time, but I never plucked up the courage to ask.

I think something inside me wants to be able to look back one day and say that I was actually on a porn set or I was actually in a porn video.

So who know’s, one day, when the COVID-19 lock-down has been lifted I may revisit this and see if I can blag my way on to a porn set and blog about my experience.

How to Make Porn GIF’s Using Premiere Pro 2020

I have been creating porn GIF’s using Premiere Pro for the last 2-3 months.  I am lucky enough to be able to use Premiere Pro 2020 Creative Cloud.  I use porn GIF’s on Twitter and occasionally on Reddit to promote some of my Adultforce affiliate links.

I have had some success using Fake Taxi GIF’s on my Twitter account.  To be honest, I have not made a penny in affiliate commission, BUT I have generated a lot of new followers who see my porn GIF’s.

So here is my best shot at explaining how I create Porn GIF’s using Premiere Pro.

There are some thing that you need to know at the start.  Twitter only allow file sizes for up to 16mb.  So when you come to export your final .gif you need to make sure that it does not exceed that file size. I am currently exporting my finished .gif in 640 x 640.  This means that my .gif can just about be 2 seconds in length.

Turning a porn clip to turn into a .gif

In this example I have used a Public Agent video clip starring Anissa Kate. What I want to do is to create a GIF of her big boobs.  So I scrub through the video looking for a suitable 2 second clip that will look good as a porn gif.

Once I have found s suitable 2 second clip, I drag that on to my time line and then change my sequence settings so that the dimensions are 640px  x 640px.  I then have to resize the video clip so that her boobs are bouncing around in the middle of the frame.  I then trim the video clip down to just 1 second.

The reason that I trim it down to 1 second is because I am going to copy and paste the same clips to my time line and then reverse the frames so that the second clip play’s backwards.  This technique makes the gif look seem less when play over and over.

Premiere Pro Timeline

I then place a FAKEhub watermark on to the timeline on a layer above the video clip and position it away from her face and boobs.  I think bottom centre looks good to me.

Next is the exporting of the actual .GIF itself.  As I explained earlier, you need to get the file size down to 16mb as a maximum. Anything higher and Twitter will reject it.  My settings are below.

Export Settings on Premiere Pro for Porn GIFS

Brazzers Strap On Videos Starring Beautiful Lesbian Pornstars

Brazzers have a vast network of beautiful pornstars to work with.  So when they need a couple of babes to perform in a strap on lesbian sex video, they can call upon a large choice of sexy women.

One of the most popular lesbian sex acts is seeing them fucking each other with a strap on dildo.  Seeing two hot pornstars with strap on harnesses on is a huge turn on for both men and women alike.

esbians with a strap on dildo
Gianna And Whitney’s Strap-On Cam Show

I’m writing this strap on blog post on the same day that Brazzers announce that they have a brand new lesbian strap on video on the way starring Gianna Dior and Whitney Wright.  This scene is called Gianna And Whitney’s Strap-On Cam Show.

These two hot pornstars use a bright pink strap on to make each other cum in front of a web cam audience.  They really know hoe to keep their customer happy.  A superb exhibition of lesbian love making with a big strap on is something that keeps their fans really happy.

Check out how sexy they look in their sexy underwear.  They really pull out all the stops to make sure that this lesbian web cam show hits all the spots.  Fingering, oral sex and plenty of strap on insertion is on show in this eagerly awaiting new lesbian Brazzers porn video.

Set in  Whitney Wright’s actually bedroom, you will get to see the full video when it is released on 18th April, 2020.  It is a superb demonstration of how pornstars really know how to make the most of sex toys.

One of the most recent popular pornstar strap on porn video was I Want Her To Like Me starring Gina Valentina and Julia Ann.  It was released on November 16, 2019 and was a huge hit with strap on sex fans all around the world.  The combination of a top rated blonde MILF and a sexy latin pornstar was a real winner with a lot of porn fans everywhere.

milf strapon sex in kitchen
Julia Ann with a Strap on in her Pussy

I’m wondering why strap on videos are so very popular.  Is it because these women know exactly who to use the dildo like a real cock?  Do you think that if women actually had real penises, that they would prefer fucking a woman or a man?

The First Time Georgie Lyall Appeared in a Brazzers Video

It has been said many times that Scottish blonde pornstar Georgie Lyall has the best tits in the adult business.  Few would actually argue with that.  But with so many other pornstar claiming that crown, I’ve decided to write a porn blog post remembering the first time we saw Georgie Lyall in a Brazzers porn video.

Let’s go back to April 30th, 2014 and we’ll find a Brazzers video called Forbidden Fruit.  The busty blonde Georgie Lyall makes her Brazzers debut getting fucked by Danny D and his massive long white cock.

georgie lyall brazzers video
Georgie Lyall in Brazzers Forbidden Fruit

It was a video produced for the Big Tits at Work Brazzers web site and to date has gained 2886 ‘likes’.  This was the first time that Brazzers members got to see Miss Lyall get those marvellous round big natural boobs out.  What a sight they truly are.

Wearing a sexy pink underwear set, Georgie gets fucked in all kinds of sexual positions.  the best positions are those that make her tits bounce or sway as much as possible.

Georgie Lyall have now gone on to appear in 12 hardcore Brazzers videos with the last one being released on 23rd August 2019 where she starred along side Jodi El Nino Polla in a scene called Pounding the Problem Son.  She plays a cock hungry step mom who fucks her annoying step son.

georgie lyall in pounding the problem son
Georgie Lyall in Brazzers Pounding the Problem Son

Today, Georgie is only producing her own content via her Georgie Lyall OnlyFans web page.  She believes that she is better off producing her own content and being her own boss at this time.

I’m wondering how long it will be before we get to see her wonderful breasts again in top rated porn site ever again.  Let’s hope that Miss Lyall makes the occasional star appearance in a Brazzers porn video at some point in the near future.