Paintballers Part 2 from FAKEhub

Paintballers Part 2

Luke Hardy, Lola Marie, John Bishop (Fake Taxi), and Petite Princess Eve all star in this FAKEhub orgy called Paintballers Part 2.  It’ a really fun porn video to watch.


I imagine that it was just as fun to shoot too.  Pornstars running around a paint-balling arena and then fucking the shit out of each other.  FAKEhub have really put together a fun packed porno full of top British porn talent.

In part 2 of the Paintballers series, Luke Hardy and John Bishop are hunting down the remaining members of the opposing team, Petite Princess Eve and Lola Marie.

Luke catches Eve off guard, but before he can eliminate her from the game, Lola gets the drop on him. The ladies convince Luke to team up with them in a bid to defeat Max, and together, they take Max prisoner.

In Paintballers Part 2, Lola confronts Max about fucking Alexxa, and tells him as retribution, he’ll have to watch her fuck Luke! Eve takes out Luke’s big cock and gives him a blowjob while Lola puts her titties in his face.

John joins just in time to get his dick sucked too, and then, covered in cum, the ladies and Luke put Max out of his paintballing misery!