Panty Modeling Angelica Cruz and Scott Nails

panty modeling

Panty Modeling
Scott Nails, Angelica Cruz

This new Angelica Cruz porn video is a must see for all you panty fans out there.  Whether you you’re a panty sniffer or if you just like watching hot babes parade around in their tiny panties, you are going to enjoy Miss Cruz in Brazzers Panty Modeling.

Angelica has been spending the day shopping.  She has realised that her panty collection is looking rather ordinary and has decided to spice things up a little for her new boyfriend, Scott Nails.  She wants to surprise him with a new collection of sexy panties.


She visits numerous shops to find the right kind of panties that she thinks will get Scott really turned on.  She has no complaints when it comes to his sexual performance, but she feels like she needs to keep him interested in her all the time.

When she gets home, she is really excited to show Scott what she has bought.  As soon as Scott peaks inside her shopping bags, he is delighted with Angelica’s purchases.  He instructs her to go into the bedroom and start trying them on and modeling them for him.

What follows in Brazzers Panty Modeling is some awesome close ups of Angelica Cruz trying on different types of panties.  She is great at removing those new panties very slowly and then shaking her little ass for us all to marvel at.  I particularly enjoyed the tiny red lace panties that she tries on first.  I found those really sexy to look at, I might even get the wife some for Christmas.

Scott enjoys taking some photos on his cellphone of Angelica Cruz in her panties.  I think he is going to use them on her OnlyFans page.  He’s sure that will bring in lots of new subscribers to her page.  But when he goes to take his final photo, Angelica surprises him by not wearing any panties at all.  Scott tells her to put his favourite green panties on.  He wants to watch himself fucking her with the panties sliding across her ass.

Brazzers Panty Modeling continues with Scott fucking Angelica from behind.  Most of this new Brazzers video is shot in POV by Scott.  He gets some amazing porn footage of his big cock penetrating Miss Cruz’s tight little pussy in her panties.  But there is one more surprise left for Scot Nails.  Angelica removes her panties and tells him to stick his big cock in her ass.

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