Pervy Prank Master Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master
Cory Chase and Jimmy Michaels

Pervy Prank Master

Well it seems like Pranking is going to be the new niche that Brazzers are going to be pushing over the next few months.  I have already reviewed a couple of other prank themed Brazzers videos so I’m presuming that their stats show that pranking videos are generating click-throughs and converting to memberships.

I’m always happy to see new niches make a break-through.  It keeps the industry fresh.  I think the biggest break-through niche in most recent times was the emergence of the stepmom, step daughter or just plain ‘step porn’.  The ‘stuck in a’ niche, I believe will fizzle out very soon once there is nothing left to get stuck in!

Who Pranks Who in Pervy Prank Master?

In Pervy Prank Master, we find Cory Chase dressed in a very sexy blue floral dress.  She looks like a typical stay at home housewife.  She is in the process of moving house and has hired some guys coming to help move some of her heavier household appliances.  Being a frustrated housewife, having men in the house is a real turn on for Cory Chase.

Cory likes tall, mature guys and does her very best to flirt with the older, taller and domiant handy man that she has in the house.  But when her reveals that his is not interested in no strings sex with her, she quickly turns her attention to the man-boy looking Jimmy Michaels.  She was shocked to find that Jimmy has a huge cock hidden underneath his overalls.

In Pervy Prank Master it was difficult to figure out who in fact was the prank master.  With the trailer for this new Cory Chase hidden behind the pay wall, it is going to be difficult for non-members to know.  I am going to assume that Cory Chase is he one doing the panking in this Brazzers video.  I’m thinking that she plays pranks on Jimmy to get him all flustered.

What we don know is that Cory gets her great tits out and Jimmy has a lot of fun playing with them before she drops to her knees and give the young looking male pornstar a blowjob.

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