Pervy Yoga With Siri Dahl with Big White Ass

Pervy Yoga With Siri

Pervy Yoga With Siri
Siri Dahl

I’m not ashamed to say that we have yet another yoga porn video porn blog post today.  I’m never going to get bored of watching hot pornstars stretching their sexy bodies for our viewing pleasure.  Yes we know that it will eventually led to sex, but that’s what we pay for, right?

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Today’s yoga themed hardcore sex video stars Siri Dahl and he big white chunky ass.  In Pervy Yoga With Siri we get to see her bending over and touching her toes which gives us a fantastic view of her huge white backside.  It’s an awesome site to behold.


So what can I tell you about Pervy Yoga With Siri.  Well, in the opening shot we re greeted with the beautiful sight if Siri Dahl on the floor shaking her sexy big ass in the air!  Wearing a tight light blue leotard that is firmly wedged deep into her arse crack, she is on all fours doing regular yoga routine.

She throw her ginger hair back and gives her back a complete stretch out on a blue yoga matin her front room.  Siri Dahl has asked help from her yoga coach, Liam as she is having a few issues with a muscle in her lower back.  She bends over with her legs wide open to help Liam reach her lower back.

In Pervy Yoga With Siri, Siri Dahl gives her yoga instructor an eyeful of pussy every time she stretches her groin.  Her light blue leotard is barely concealing her pussy lips and Liams cock is beginning to take notice.  Liam looks more like a swimming pool life guard rather than a yoga teacher.  Dressed in a yellow t-shirt and red shirts, he looks like a  student doing his first stint patrolling the leisure centre pool.

To help Siri relax her back muscles, Liam suggests that he gives her a lower back massage to see if that helps.  As he rubs the massage oil over her back his finger slide over her clit and sends her into a horny little minx.  That’s the end of the yoga…here comes the sex.

In Pervy Yoga With Siri starring Siria Dahl, she keeps that tight fitted blue leotard on through most of the sexy.  The only think that gets loosened is the crutch area to give Liam more access to that cock hungry pussy.

You will really enjoy watching Siri getting fucked from behind.  There is a lot of great ass slapping noises as Liam pound away at her pussy.

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