Pillow Humpers Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

Pillow Humpers

Pillow Humpers
Michelle Anderson and Jimmy Michaels

It’s fucking 0430 and I’m at my desk writing about Pillow Humpers starring man-boy Jimmy Michaels and Michelle Anderson making her Brazzers debut.  I love my wife, but her fucking snoring has made me get up at stupid o’clock to start work.


Pillow Humpers sees Michelle Anderson getting caught grinding her pussy against her pillow.  She is caught and recorded by her roommate Billy.  Michelle is wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts as she tries to make herself cum by rubbing her pussy over and over against her pillow.  She has seen it on a porn video once and wanted to give it ago.

But as she was about to have an orgasm, she spots Billy out of the corner of her eye with his cell phone in her hand, filming her.  He believes this video will go viral once her uploads it.  Miss Anderson jump off the bed in embarrassment.  Billy’s cock was pointing out for her to see.

Billy Michaels has an erection that Michelle likes the look of.  She asks Billy if he would be interested in a sexual exchange.  She will let Billy fuck her tight pussy, if he agrees to delete the phone footage before her uploads it.

In Pillow Humpers, Billy delightfully agrees to Michelle’s offer.  He has wanted to sample his sexy roommates pussy ever since her moved in.  He was sure that he was a better sexual solution than dry humping the pillow anyway.

This video is a great introduction to teenaged pornstar Michelle Anderson.  Her straight brunette hair and petite body looks great on camera.  She is able to pull off the teen look very well, so I expect her to be be featuring in more Brazzers teen videos over the next few months.

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