Pink Perfection Angela White, Mazee

Pink Perfection
Angela White, Mazee

Pink Perfection - Angela White

The Brazzers perfect example of a big breasted natural pornstar, Angela White performs in an oiled up porn video called Pink Perfection.  Dressed in a tightly fitted pink leotard, Angela goes to town on Mazee and his big black cock.

Now that Angela White is a Brazzers contracted pornstar, we can expect to be seeing a lot more video starring this busty minx.  I’m not sure what the output levels are expected of a contact star, but I’m guessing it will be at least 2 new scenes a month…HOPEFULLY more!


In Pink Perfection we obviously see a lot of Angela’s big natural boobs.  There is some great close up POV footage of Mazee’s dick between her tits and she gives him a world class titwank.  His big black cock slides effortlessly between her big Australian boobs as they are oiled up with massage oil.

The intercourse in this new Angela White video, is fast and frantic.  Fair play to Mazee for being able to stop his cock from ejaculating inside Miss Whites shaven pussy.  She really uses her his to rock up and down on his shaft throughout this video.  Pink Perfection not only shows off Angela White in all her naked glory, but it also shows just how physically fit she is.

One of the surprising aspects of this interracial Angela White video is that is contains not anal sex.  With all that oil being thrown around her tits, pussy and ass would have thought Mazee would had slipped his cock into her butthole.  I would guess that there were a few occasions that it very nearly did.  Only the cameraman and porn video editor would have seen those priceless moments.

Pink Perfection is yet another 5 star performance from Angela White.  We can see why Brazzers have decided to splash the cast to land her as a contract pornstar.  I’m not sure how long the contract is for, but I really hope that Brazzers make the most of it while it lasts.