Pool Posing Perfection Kayley Gunner, Keiran Lee

Pool Posing Perfection
Kayley Gunner, Keiran Lee


This new Kayley Gunner video is all about showing off her fantastic body.  This former U.S. Army female soldier parades herself around the pool in a stunning looking pink swimsuit.  The back end of the pink swimsuit goes right up her ass crack.

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As she gets her big tits out, the camera goes in for a close up as she plays with her nipples and pushes those beautiful boobs together.  Miss Gunner gets into the pool totally naked to cool off her outstanding body.  When she is totally wet and glistening she goes inside to luxury apartment to take on Keiran Lee’s big cock.

This is heaven for Kayley.  She gets to to go skinny dipping in an outdoor pool and then have the pussy pounded by a world famous male pornstar.

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