In What Ways do you Build Storytelling into your Cuts and Edits?

From time to time I ask for questions via Twitter to help me produce content for this blog.  This question has come from Patrick Parker (@ArtfulPorn)

To be honest, when I am editing the main scene for the storyline is already in place.  My job as an editor for PublicAgent is to make sure that the storyline flows seamlessly and to use the best camera angles.  Over the passed year PubicAgent has been using two cameras rather than just the one POV camera.

So during the sex, I have the responsibility to make sure that I am showing the best angle of penetration.  From time to time I will decide to switch camera angles if I feel I have been using the same angle for the same sex position for too long.  If there is a great shot of the females face breaking into orgasm or just looking like she is really enjoying being fucked, then I am happy to show that.

Cutting Tubes and Trailer Versions.

I have to pay more attention to the storyline when I am cutting a tube version and the trailer.  I have to make sure that I have provided a basic outline to the storyline AND make sure that I also include the best bit from the sex.  When editing the tube version it’s very important that I include as much of the storyline as possible to keep the viewer interested.  I need to decide which parts of the storyline need to be included for the story to make sense to reach the point where sex take place.

PublicAgent Editing

Editing the trailer is normally the most difficult part of editing a PublicAgent scene.  Trying to produce a 2 minute trailer that includes a coherent storyline PLUS great sex is very challenging.  My approach is to find 5-6 lines that give the viewer a hint of the storyline.

I also include any funny lines or anything out of the ordinary that happens.  Then of course, I need to include some of the best parts of the sex.  This would include some POV blowjob, the cock going into the pussy for the first time, and then I would pick out some of the best bits when the sex is at it’s most passionate.  The trailer will always finish with a very brief glimpse of the cumshot.

Many thanks to Patrick Parker (@ArtfulPorn) for asking this question.  If you want to ask me a quesion, then feel free to tweet me @XXXVideoEditor