Pornstars Who Want a YouTube Channel

Are there any Pornstars who want a YouTube channel?  I’m sure there are plenty of pornstar no matter how popular they are who would like to have a YouTube channel.  But there are plenty of obstacles. 

Pornstars Who Want a YouTube Channel

First of all there are a minefield of restrictions put in place by YouTube.  The very mention of the work porn in the video title, description or tags, is enough for the video to be flagged and potentially removed.  If you have to many videos removed, then channel can be removed altogether.  This would be a pain in the ass after putting in a lot of word to create the channel in the first place.

But I believe that if you are clever enough to avoid being on YouTube’s radar, you can make a successful channel.  Whether or not your channel would be monetised in another matter altogether.  With YouTube getting criticised over the passed few years regarding advert on inappropriate videos, they are now restricting which channel get monetised.  First of all you have to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of  watch time over a 12 month period.

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Even when you reach that criteria your channel is put under review.  If YouTube deem you channel to be unsuitable for ads, then you channel will not make money via ad revenue.

So why make a pornstar YouTube channel?

Well advertising revenue is not the only advantage of having a YouTube channel.  A successful YouTube channel is a good way of increasing your profile.  You can advertise your wishlists on Amazon, or even set up endorsements.  There are companies out there that would love you to mention their products on popular YouTube channels.

Most pornstars are all over social media.  So, are there pornstars who want a YouTube channel? Twitter, and Instagram are full of pornstar accounts.  I believe that YouTube is another platform for you to really get noticed and boost your profile.  A weekly vlog for your fans to enjoy is a great way to communicate wit them and show them your life behind the camera.

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Who Will Edit Pornstar YouTube Videos?

I have plenty of experience editing porn video.  However I also have experience editing mainstream YouTube videos too.  I have editing YouTube videos for various popular YouTubers.  Some of the YouTubers I have edited for have millions of subscribers.  These videos were edited in a fast paced style, cutting out any ‘dead air’, to keep the viewer glued to the video and boosting the watch time to the maximum.

So why am I no longer editing for popular YouTube channels?

Well it’s simple…the company that I was working for had not paid me for 3 months.  Giving me all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t pay me.  So I am refusing to work for them until I can paid what I am owed.

The experience I gained from editing well-known YouTuber videos would really suit pornstar vlogs.  I have picked up some great hint’s and tip’s regarding editing and publishing great YouTube vlogs.  If you are confident in front of the camera, then you will have no problem in being a great YouTube vlogger.

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If you are a pornstar that would like to have a YouTube channel but don’t have the knowledge OR time to edit your vlogs, then get in touch with me.  I would be delighted to discuss a pornstar channel with you.

Email :
Twitter : @XXXVideoEditor

Of course…I am also available to edited your porn videos too 😉

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