Prenup Fuck Tiffany Tatum Full HD Video

Prenup Fuck

Prenup Fuck
Kai Taylor and Tiffany Tatum

Turkish Londoner Kai Taylor makes his second appearance in a Brazzers porn video as he gets to fuck Tiffany Tatum in Brazzers Prenup Fuck.  Kai is getting clothes fitted for his wedding day.  He hasn’t had sex for a few weeks and he is desperately trying not to cheat on his wife to be.


Kia has a huge test in front of him. He as arrived at the tailors to find that the tailors assistant is a very sexy blonde who is wearing a very short skirt.  Tiffany Tatum is used to guys trying it on with her.  But she is very impressed with Kai’s commitment to not touching or looking up her skirt every time she bends over.

In Brazzers Prenup Fuck, when the temptation got too much for Kai to handle, he excuses himself to use the restroom to have a quick wank to subside the urge to fuck Miss Tatum.  But he was in such a rush to get his cock in his hands, he forgot to lock the restroom door.  Tiffany walks in to find Kai in mid-wank.

Taking one look at her clients huge cock, Tiffany walks into the restroom to give Kai a helping hand.  Watching Tiffany’s sexy little body walk towards him was too much for him to handle.  He finally gives into temptation and let’s Tiffany take his big British cock deep into her throat.

During Prenup Fuck, the feel of her warm moist lips around his bell-end makes Kai as hard as a rock. His balls were full and her was going to have pleasure unleashing his big load all over her pretty little face.