Prime Real Estate Megan Rain

The quite fabulous Megan Rain return to Brazzers for her 19th video, called Prime Real Estate.  She stars with Xander Corvus for a great hard fuck-fest of a video.

Megan is playing a real estate agent that is used to getting her own way.  She is very aware that her hot body is very desirable and she make the very most of it. When ever she feels that a sale is slipping through her finger, she uses her assets to their full potential.


So when she is showing Xander Corvus around a new property, she gets the feeling that he is not really interested in purchasing the house. She is pissed off.  She really thought he was looking to make a quick purchase.

So she has to start using her flirtatious methods to try and get him to like the house.  Unfortunately for Megan Rain, he was not really that interested in Megan’s body…maybe he was gay?

In Brazzers Prime Real Estate, she even rubbed her nipples to make them pock out through her tight burgundy coloured boob tube.  It looked like she had dropped some M & M’s down her top, but still Xander refused to pay any interest.

Megan RainFinally, Miss Rain had to go the extra mile.  She jumped up onto the kitchen work top and ripped open a whole in her pants.

She was wearing no panties so her pussy was fully exposed.  This was the moment that Xander finally took notice of Megan’s sexual advances.

Xander could no longer resist the advances of this hot looking real estate agent any longer.  His boner was soon showing through his trousers when Megan started to stroke her clit.

Megan’s body truly does look amazing in Brazzers Prime Real Estate.  You can see this video when it is released on October 13th, 2019.  It’s areal treat for all you Megan Rains fans out there.

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