Public Agent British Pornstar Appearances

Let’s take a look at some of the Public Agent British pornstar appearances.  I have been lucky enough to edit some of these wonderful British babes performing in outdoor sex POV video for FAKEhub’s Public Agent brands.  I’m going to do my best to go through some of these scene and recall some of my favourites.

Public Agent British Pornstar Apperances

Carmel Anderson – Cheeky Brit gets a Pounding

Public Agent had spent the night with some friends at the casino and woken up with a bunch of money, so he decided to treat himself when he saw cheeky Brit Carmel Anderson walking down the street and approached her.

Carmel was single, and in town on holiday, and clearly looking for some fun. He offered her 200 Euro to show him her boobs, and giggling, she did. He asked her if she would show him her ass or her pussy for 300 more, and she chose her pussy!

In this Public Agent British pornstar appearance, seeing her tight pink lips turned him on and got his dick hard, so he offered her 500 more to suck his dick. They went to a quiet place and she sucked his big cock, and then they fucked fast and hard! He gave her a big facial, then they heard someone coming, so he ran for it.

Public Agent British Pornstar

Lucia Love – An Extra Creamy Cumshot For British Babe in A Public Park

Walking through the park Public Agent approached this talk dark haired English beauty and told her that he was interviewing people for mainstream TV.  After a few questions he asked her what job does she do.

She told him that she was a lingerie model back in England.  He gave her a lot of money to see her in her underwear but after that he was so horny and then paid her a lot more to let him fuck her in the bushes.

Lenina Crowne British Public Agent

Lenina Crowne – Redhead Brit fucks for posh villa

Public Agent saw pale, ginger babe Lenina Crowne walking along and he thought she was fucking sexy, so he stopped her, and engaged her in conversation. Lenina had just moved to Prague, and was looking for a room to rent.

He had a posh villa she could check out, so we got to chatting as we made our way to the house. At the sight of the huge garden, indoor pool, and comfortable beds, Lenina’s jaw hung open. He told her the price of 1500 euro, and the redhead found that expensive, so she asked him if we could work out a deal.

Public Agent asked her what she meant, and she pulled off her dress to reveal huge fake tits, then turned around, and stuck her ass out for him. He offered her 400 euro to play with him a little bit, and she gladly got onto her knees to suck his dick. He ate her pussy from behind, then fucked her doggystyle. In this Public Agent British pornstar appearance, Her pussy felt amazing as he fucked her missionary style, so much so that he pulled out, and came hard on her face!

marina maya british pornstar appearance

Marina Maya – Indian babe fucked in basement

Public Agent noticed Marina Maya’s smoking hot body from a distance. She was wearing tight spandex that really showed off her amazing ass, so he approached to ask her when the next bus was coming.

Marina was from London, and was in town with her boyfriend on vacation. He asked her if she wanted to earn some money while she was in Prague, and she was interested in being a model. He offered her some money for casting, and 600 euro later, she flashed him her perky tits and ass.

He wanted more, but Marina didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, though she did offer to jerk him off as a thank you. They found an abandoned basement, and Marina fell in love with his cock. She stroked it, then sucked it, then let him fuck her tight pussy all kinds before he spunked on her face!