Pure Taboo It Takes Two

Pure Taboo It Take Two

Pure Taboo It Takes Two
Cindy Starfall and Dillon Cox

Scott and his wife, Cindy Starfall exiting a home office, closing the door behind them, and walking into a waiting area. As Scott gushes to Miss Starfall about her commitment to their marriage and talks about the counselling session they have just finished, Cindy is intrigued by another man – Dillon Cox – in the waiting area.


In Pure Taboo It Takes Two, her gaze strays down to Dillon Cox’s hand and she notices a wedding band on his finger. A glint flashes through her eyes as she sees this. Dillon looks back, a hint of a mischievous smile on his lips. Cindy seems to get an idea and breaks eye contact with Dillon Cox, turning her full attention back to her husband. Miss Starfall then manipulates Scott to go get their car for them, leaving Cindy Starfall and Andrew alone together.

During Pure Taboo It Takes Two, with Scott gone, Cindy and Dillon chat. It is revealed that Mr Cox is the marriage counsellor’s husband. As they continue to talk, flirting back and forth, it quickly becomes clear that both Dillon Cox and Cindy have no issues with cheating on their spouses. Licking their lips hungrily, they each slip their wedding bands off, anxious to get at each other.

It takes two to make a marriage work…but it also takes two to break its bonds…

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