Pure Taboo Seller Remorse GoGo Fukme

Pure Taboo Seller Remorse
GoGo Fukme, Lawson Jones and Oliver Davis

Sellers memorse


Brody (Lawson Jones) hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it. It’s a buyer, Rick (Oliver Davis), who has arrived in response to Brody’s online ad selling a bed. Rick is immediately dismissive of Brody and can’t seem to take his eyes off of Angela (GoGo FukMe), who is in the room packing up her possessions.

It is revealed that Brody and Angela have just broken up, and this is why they are selling the bed. Rick can’t help but flirt with Angela, which frustrates Brody, who tries to keep Rick on-task to go see the bed. Rick suggests that Angela come to see the bed with them, and though Brody argues against it, Angela reminds him that she is co-owner of it and should be involved with the selling process. Brody relents and all three go to see it.

A few moments later, Brody and Angela watch as Rick inspects the bed while continuing to flirt with Angela (who loves it). At one point, Rick declares that he wants to test the bed… with Angela. Wanting revenge on her ex-boyfriend, Angela agrees and shoos an incredulous Brody out of the room.

Angela and Rick jump on the bed and proceed to have energetic, lustful sex, while poor Rick can do nothing but listen from the hallway. Whether the bed is purchased or not, Brody will definitely have a traumatic case of seller’s remorse after today’s events.