Pure Taboo UnGrateful Maya Woulfe

Pure Taboo UnGrateful

Pure Taboo UnGrateful
Maya Woulfe and Stiring Cooper

Maya Woulfe is in need of some work done in her house. Fortunately, a friend of hers has a contractor husband, Stirling Cooper, who can do the work at a reduced rate as a favor. Maya is delighted with her stroke of good luck and accepts the arrangement. Then Stirling sets to work.


In Pure Taboo UnGrateful at first, everything seems to be going well, but as the weeks go by, it seems like Stirling’s making little progress. He always has an excuse for his tardiness and the work keeps getting delayed… It puts her in an awkward position since Stirling is doing the work for her on the cheap as a favour, so does she even have the right to complain?

But finally, Maya can’t idly sit back and watch as her house falls further into disrepair. She tries to talk things out with Tony, though he brushes her off. There’s even an unsettling moment when his eyes wander to her chest. That seems to be the last straw as she vents her frustrations, confronting him about his poor behaviour. Of course, this only makes Stirling threaten to walk out.

In Pure Taboo UnGrateful, realising she’s going to be in even worse shape than before if Stirling abandons the work, Maya has to think fast. Even though it disgusts her, Stirling DID look at her earlier, so maybe there’s one thing she can do to entice him to stay and finish what he started…

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