Ready Aim Anal Sarah Jessie Zac Wild

Ready Aim Anal

Ready Aim Anal
Sarah Jessie and Zac Wild

Well this is different.  I think this is the first time that I have seen archery porn.  Brazzers have brought together Sarah Jessie and Zac Wild for this Brazzers Games anal sex video.

This video is set up to be just like a proper Olympic games style video.  Complete with graphics, commentary and great action shots.  Sarah Jessie is competing for gold in the archery competition along with Zac Wild.  They are both hot favourites to take the gold medal.


But when the rivalry got too much to handle, Miss Jessie decided to play dirty.  She used all the tricks in the game to put Zac off his aim.  Showing her tits, and bowing in his ear was not going to distract Zac from hitting the bulls eye.

In Brazzers Ready Aim Anal, there was only one thing left for Sarah Jessie to try, and that was her arse.  She has never had to use her ass to distract an opponent before.  Her tits usually do their job, but Zac’s girlfriend has a fantastic pair of tits, so he was not interested in Sarah’s boobs.

From the corner of his eye, Zac could see Sarah Jessie wiggling her ass at him.  She was shaking her booty and twerking like a pro.  Zac fired and missed.  He was devastated.   He was put off by a fine piece of ass.  He had to get his revenge.

He followed Sarah Jessie back to the changing rooms and caught her unaware with her knickers down.  He thrusts his big cock towards her butthole and she is delight that finally somebody took some notice of her ass.