Reality Kings – Quiet Please

Reality Kings - Quiet Please - Bailey Brooke, Brick Danger - Sneaky Sex

Reality Kings Quiet Please

Brick Danger is looking for science-fiction books at the public library when he notices Bailey Brooke reading a book. The hot slut gives him an enticing look before venturing into one of the aisles. Intrigued, Brick peeps through the shelves and sees the hot blonde sitting on the book cart, vigorously masturbating! Brick’s reaction alerts the stern librarian who warns them to be quiet. As soon as the librarian returns to her desk, Bailey sneakily starts sucking Brick’s big hard cock between stacks of books!

Then, Brick joins the slutty blonde and she gives him a proper blow-job! After they nearly get caught again, Bailey continues her sneaky game and strips out of her pink skirt. Then, Brick pushes her against the bookshelf to give her the deep-dicking she’s been craving! Will Bailey be able to hold her moans while Brick pounds her dripping wet pussy?

Pornstars Featured in Reality Kings - Quiet Please :-

Bailey Brooke - When Bailey Brooke started out in the porn world, this girl-next-door from Virginia was a bit dazzled by her new lifestyle. It was the first time this former cheerleader had ever had the chance to travel to spots like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where she fell in love with the glitz and the lights, and she loved meeting all the new people and working with so many well-known pornstars. You might expect from her innocent looks that Bailey would have been intimidated when it comes to getting naked on camera and trying out all the sexual acts she'd never done before, like eating pussy or exploring BDSM, but Bailey was absolutely raring to go!

This petite beauty calls herself "curvy and pervy", and with her luscious natural hourglass figure and mind so dirty she sometimes surprises even herself with her fantasies, Bailey is absolutely right on both counts. This babe says performing is her "happy place", especially when she's getting dominated and cumming hard. Bailey's fans, on the other hand, have several "happy places": her big tits, her wet pussy, her round ass... Watch Bailey now on Reality Kings to find your happy place.

Brick Danger - All-American stud Brick Danger is the most down-to-earth guy in porn. This simple Mississippi boy resolved not to let his porn success change him, so he lives by the maxim "The best thing to do with EGO is drop the E and let it GO". There's a lot of reasons Brick could get a swelled head: this stud has achieved fame in the industry for his baby-faced good looks combined with the fat cock and muscles of a modern-day Adonis. An expert cocksman, Brick is a huge favorite of porn starlets because he's considerate and hardworking on set.

Although Brick jokes that many porn lovers don't recognize him, at least not by face, it's just "aw, shucks" modesty. This stud has thousands of fans, and for very good reason: once you see this prolific stud in action, you'll definitely remember him. Brick may not be clamoring for time in the spotlight, but his talent speaks for itself! Combined with his ridiculously high libido and his determination to always deliver the best pussy pounding, this powerful performer has all the ingredients for porn superstardom.