Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel – Public Agent

redhead fucked in a tunnel

Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel
Ariela Donovan

Ariela Donovan produces a great looking POV blowjob during this Public Agent porn video produced by FAKEhub.  Her lips and tongue do a great job on camera.

Edited by Dick DeLonge

Mr Public Agent and his buddy are out taking a gentle evening stroll when they come across the redhead beauty that is Ariela Donovan. Whilst waiting for her friend, they tempt her into a bit of fun.

But what starts out as a quick flash of her tits turns into a great fuck in a secluded tunnel! You’ll get a close up view of Ariela showing off her incredible body as she rides and rides until taking and swallowing his load!

Tunnels can be a little dark (who would’ve thought!?) so in Redhead Fucked in a Tunnel, I had to up the exposure a bit more than usual on this scene, just to make sure you had the best possible view of her bouncing tits! Great location though, no idea how he finds all these places! Keen walker I suppose.