Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2

Sand And Sweat Part 1 and Part 2 starring Alexis Fawx, Olive Glass and Michael Stefano


Another awesome looking two part Brazzers episode called Sand And Sweat.  On initial viewing, it looks like a military themed two part porn video featuring a couple of top MILF babes.  Dressing in camouflage outfits, Alexis Fawx, and Olive Glass are moving equipment from A to B in scorching hot conditions.

Sand And Sweat Part 1

In the first part of Brazzers Sand And Sweat, we have a full on lesbian video with just Alexis Fawx and Olive Glass.  With the heat making these two hotties hot and sweaty, they take a well-earned break in some shade.  They are so hot that they need to cool down by pouring cold water over each other.  They are both showing a lot of cleavage as the green tops are a little too small for the both of them and they are not wearing bra’s underneath.

Sand and Sweat part one is a lesbian porn video.  Seeing each other sweaty and cooling down with water has made their bodies glisten in the sunlight.  Olive is too tempted by Miss Fawx’s big tits and she cannot resist getting her hands on them.

Sand And Sweat Part 2

After being caught having hardcore lesbian sex,  Alexis Fawx is taken to a different part of the military barracks.  She is told to strip naked by Michael Stefano and do some press ups as punishment for not obeying orders.  Alexis is more than happy to get her kit off.  She is very proud of her sexy MILF body.  Pretty soon, Mr Stefano’s cock begins to throb in his tight pants.

sand and sweat part 2

Alexis Fawx spreads her legs a little wider so Michael can see that her pussy is still wet from fucking Olive Glass a few minutes earlier.   She has had the pleasure of fucking a woman, now she is ready to take on some cock too.  Michael Stefano buries his face in between Alexis Fawx’s ass cheeks and eats her ass.

Miss Fawx has a reputation for enjoying anal sex with some of the other officers, and now she is going to get her sexy ass fucked hard in Sand and Sweat Part Two, by her superior and love every minute of it.

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