Sauna Soak with Hot Blonde Angelika Grays

Sauna Soak with Angelika Grays

Sauna Soak
Renato, Angelika Grays

This sexy blonde is the Ukrainian pornstar Angelika Grays.  This is her very first Brazzers video and she is getting fucked in the arse in a sauna.  What a way to make your Brazzers debut.  Her perfect ass gets penetrated by a big cock in pool side sauna!

You’re going to be very impressed with just how well this European blonde bombshell take a big cock deep into her butthole.  She loves every inch of Renato’s bell-end squeezing into her anal passage.


The stunning Angelika Grays strides into the indoor swimming pool wearing a tiny red poker dot bikini.  Her body is pure perfection.  Those sexy blue eyes and that innocent smile grabs Renato’s attention as soon as her laid his own eyes on her.  She teases Renato by striping off behind a changing partition and throwing her bikini over the top.  She reappears in just a short towel and enters the sauna.

In Brazzers Sauna Soak, Renato follows in to the sauna to see more of that hot Ukrainian body.  As he enters the sauna the finds Miss Grays with her fingers inside her pussy and her towel on the floor.  She was butt naked and masturbating.  She gave Renato a huge smile as he entered.  She has now got what she wanted.

Renato and Angelika Grays were alone in the sauna and there was only one thing on their minds.  It did not take very long for Renato to get his bathing shorts off and is cock dee down Angelika’s throat.  He cock became as hard a fucking rock and there was only one other place her wanted to put it.

During Sauna Soak, the stunning Euro blonde guided her man’s cock into her beautiful arse.  This is an anal sex video that you have been waiting for.  To see such a wonderful rear end getting fucked by a big dick is such a pleasure.  A truly beautiful pornstar who loves anal sex…what a result!

It’s going to be interesting to see just how popular this Angelika Grays Brazzers anal sex video will be. I for one give it a massive thumbs up and am very much looking forward to seeing much more of her.  If I’m lucky, I might get to see her on my editing suite if she ever decides to pay a visit to the Fake Taxi.

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