Savannah’s Ultra Oily Outdoor Anal Savannah Bond

Savannah's Ultra Oily Outdoor Anal

Savannah’s Ultra Oily Outdoor Anal
Savannah Bond , Gabriel Trigger

Oh sweet lord fucking Jesus!! When it come to blondes with big tits, Savannah Bond it very near the top of the list!!  In Savannah’s Ultra Oily Outdoor Anal, she gets fucked in the arse by Gabriel Trigger.  Miss Gold let’s him pound her ass outdoors on the balcony.


Wearing the tiniest of blue bikini’s Savannah Gold does some erotic dancing.  She squeezes those stunning tits and shake that incredible looking ass.  She really knows how to flirt with the camera!  Every time she shakes that juicy ass, you can just about see that she has a butt plug inserted in her back passage.  The butt plug is used to help to stretch her asshole ready for some hardcore anal sex.

The sexy dancing in her blue bikini is fucking brilliant.  She can shake those tits in my face all day long and then sit on my face all night, with the bikini on!  The pleasure of having this top pornstar riding on his cock belongs to Gabriel Trigger.  He is in for one hell of a ride with this hot blonde with great boobs.

When the bikini comes off, Savannah dives in straight for some expertly carried out POV blowjob action.  With her long eyelashes staring up at you as she sucks a big cock, Miss Gold goes to town and tries to take the full length down her throat.

When the camera switches to watch her being fucked from behind, you get to see those perfect boobs hanging as swinging as she tell Gabriel that she is very close to having an orgasm.  When she breaks out into a screaming orgasm she actually forgets that she is outdoors in her backyard and doesn’t give a fuck that her neighbours will be able to hear her being fucked in the arse by a big cock.

My person favourite clip from Savannah’s Ultra Oily Outdoor Anal full length porn video is when Gabriel fucks her ass hard doggy-style and makes her squirt out of her arse.  Quite how that is supposed to be possible, I don’t actually know.  I just like to sight of Savannah Gold anal squirting…it’s a fantastic anal sex video.

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