Selfies Before Sex LaSirena69

Selfies Before Sex

Selfies Before Sex
JMac and LaSirena69

I’m really starting to fall for LaSirena69.  Even though I’m still confused as to why she would have a number in her name, I’m really starting to fall for her infectious personality.  Not only does she has a great looking body, but I’m only now starting to appreciate her wonderful boobs too.

In Selfies Before Sex, we get to see her wonderful body in action.  She is in a playful mood as usual.  I think it’s her playfulness that I have come to enjoy about her Brazzers videos.  She really looks like she is having so much fun on set.

In Selfies Before Fucking, she is wearing a pink boob tube and tight white hot pants.  This horny short haired brunette is really enjoy herself as her boyfriend takes hot, sexy photos of her before they fuck each other.

LaSirena69 is fucking hot and she knows it. Ain’t nothing wrong with taking a couple selfies before sex, right? She’s so horny, she will dirty talk to you in English, in Spanish, but her favourite language of all… Sex!

During Selfies Before Sex, there is a good POV of LaSirena69 as she gets face-fucked hard by JMac’s big dick. Watch her get wet and moan as she gets pounded until she gets the good facial she’s craving!

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