Semen Demon Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

Semen Demon
Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

Semem Demon

Dirty old man Steve Holmes is back in another awesome Brazzers porn video.  Brazzers must love his creepy old man look.  Or maybe it’s the Brazzers fans who love seeing Mr Holmes and ask for him to return again and again. This video called Semen Demon has the potential to become one of those popular porn video adverts.


Today this strange looking male pornstar gets to have his wicked way with the black porn queen Ebony Mystique.  She is appearing in her 5th Brazzers video.  Semen Demon starts with a sequence of Miss Mystique creeping around a house wearing a balaclava and tight leather trousers.  She enters the house through a window.

Ebony Mystique is a Semen Demon

She has to squeeze herself through the small gap in the window because her big black boobs are so big that they get in the way.  When she eventually makes her way in, she falls to the floor after misjudging the distance.  Once on her feet, she goes through Steve’s bedroom waste bin, in search for cum filled used condoms.  That is why this Brazzers video is called Semen Demon.  She is hunting for cum to drink.

It’s not the sexiest of sights.  Watching Ebony go through a bin and finding used condoms to drink from.  Ebony is so thirsty for cum that she drinks it too fast and spills most of what she finds down her massive boobs.  When she hears Steve Holmes approaching the bedroom, she quickly hides herself in the en-suit bathroom.  She watches in delight as Steve uses his favourite wank sock to masturbate with.

In Brazzers Semen Demon, Ebony Mystique Steve Homes cum into his sock and leave it laying on the bed.  As soon as Steve leaves the room, she jumps out of the bathroom and sucks the cum out of the sock.  She them follows Steve into the main house and starts sucking on a surprised old man’s big cock.

Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique then proceed to have hardcore sex on a blue leather sofa.  Miss Mystique is fucked harder than she has ever been fucked before.  She especially enjoyed being fucked from behind with Steves boney finger in her arsehole.

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