Settle His Nerves with a Fuck

Settle His Nerves with a Fuck
Lady Gang and Ron Johnny Fox

Settle his nerves with a fuck

I had the pleasure of editing this Female Fake Taxi video called Settle His Nerves with a Fuck.  I think Lady Gang has one of the sexiest looking bodies that I have recently edited in FAKEhub videos.  She has a beautiful ass and a great set of tits.

This young ginger haired fella gets into Lady gangs taxi and explains that he is on his way to his driving test. He says that he is very nervous. Lady Gang is quite forward in the beginning of this scene and get straight to the point. she suggests that having a wank might calm his nerves.


When he needs a little help getting hard, Lady Gang offers up your tits for erection motivation. She gets her fabulous baps out and lets ginger bollocks have a good feel of her tits whilst she continues to drive.  Now that he was hard, Lady Gang now also heeded relieving. She pulls over to get her thrills from this lucky ginger guy.

One part of this new Lady Gang Female Fake Taxi scene is when he prematurely ejaculates after an epic reverse cowgirl sequence. He tries to get Lady Gang off his cock but it was too late. He passed the point of no return and cums. Bless him..He cums so hard that he very nearly cums in his own mouth.

Fair play to him though…he is able to continue fucking for another 20 minutes and produces another awesome cumshot!

Here’s what Lady Gang had to say about her sexual encounter with Ron Johnny Fox in Settle His Nerves with a Fuck

This good looking ginger man named Ron Johnny Fox got into the taxi today, and I love that type of younger guy. Ron was on his way to a driving exam and told me he was nervous. I told him the best way to calm nerves is with an orgasm, and asked if I could watch him masturbate.

Ron was shy, but when I let him play with my big tits, he took out his cock. It was amazing! Much bigger than I thought. I pulled out and gave him a blowjob, then he fucked me with enthusiasm. After he pleased me in cowgirl and missionary, he pulled out and covered me with a big load.

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