Sex on the Brain Indica Monroe Kit Mercer

Sex on the Brain
Indica Monroe and Kit Mercer

Sex on the Brain

Indica Monroe is jealous that her father is spending all his time with his new wife (her new step-mom), Kit Mercer, rather than having any time for her anymore. Her jealousy leads her to hatch a plot to get Kit to fall in love with HER instead so that she can get all the attention from both of them that she’s craving.


In Sex on the Brain, Indica innocently lures Kit in to spending time with her, but during each activity, Indica Monroe drops suggestive hints about sex into the conversation to get Kit flustered and aroused. They go hiking together so Indica can find an excuse to touch Kit’s legs, and when they go picking fruit, Indica ‘accidentally’ shows Kit that she’s not wearing any panties.

During Sex on the Brain, finally, Kit has so much sex on the brain that she easily says yes when Indica asks for tips and demonstrations about sex. Indica’s plan works perfectly, and Kit gets seduced into side-by-side masturbation that leads to full-on lesbian sex!

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