Sex With My Specs Octavia Red, Joshua Lewis

Sex With My Specs
Octavia Red, Joshua Lewis

Sex with my Specs


Sexy college nerd Octavia Red invited her classmate Joshua Lewis over to help her with homework. However, the clumsy Octavia keeps dropping her glasses on the floor, giving Joshua quite a show when she bends down to pick them up and reveals underboob while wiping the specs with her shirt. When the busty babe senses something’s up, she decides to give her horny classmate a better look at her big boobs.

Octavia Red amkes her Brazzers debut. “A mix of art and sex,” Octavia Red is a smut creator extraordinaire. This California native with big natural boobs is a slutty symphony come to life, and her sexual prowess would make Mozart blush! This big-butt art slut is adventurous and eccentric, but easy going – the kind of person who can really make someone open up and enjoy themselves. When she isn’t turning on her scores of fans, Octavia keeps her creativity sharp by drawing and gardening, and she not only plays the piano, but composes her own music! Lend your eyes and ears to this creative enigma, and check out Octavia Red in the scenes above!