Sexpert Interview Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

Sexpert Interview

Sexpert Interview
Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

We have the current king and queen of Brazzers starring in Sexpert Interview.  These two giants of Brazzers porn are put together in this porn video that I’m sure will be a huge hit across the internet.  Alexis Fawx is dressed as a busty business women with most of her tits out on display.  She is interviewing the nervous looking Keiran Lee for a job.


During Sexpert Interview,Keiran is doing his very best not to look at Alexis Fawx’s massive tits.  Her magnificent boobs look in the perfect position to shoot your load over.  That’s the look Brazzers are going for and they have succeeded 100%.

You ever sat down for an interview and felt kind of… Picked through with a fine tooth comb? They’re checking out every detail – every possible angle – in meticulous detail to make sure you’re the perfect fit. And Alexis Fawx has the highest expectations of all.

If you plan on satisfying this curvy beauty – huge tits overflowing out of her blazer, bedroom eyes narrow and taking all of you in, skirt hugging her round ass. Eyes up, sir! Can you flirt? What is your cunnilingus technique? Endurance level? In Sexpert Interview, These are very strict requirements for maximum pleasure, and Alexis won’t pass just anyone. Let’s see how Keiran measures up…

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