Sexual Engineering Destiny Cruz, Ricky Johnson

Sexual Engineering
Destiny Cruz, Ricky Johnson

The horned up Destiny Cruz has been so ailing in fondness, that craving for actual touch, that she is going totally amazingly crazy. Cooped up in her home with only an inconsistent association with the web, a ghastly dating scene, and Ricky Johnson, her hermit flat mate…


She’s pushed beyond her limits. Fine. Fine! She’ll manage with what she has. Taping a hand to a fan to have it touch her thigh. Stuffing shirt arms to fold over her shoulder. Appending vibrator to lounge chair to give her back a back rub…

Fuck, alright, she’s getting altogether too brought into it. What’s next? Grating against a pad? Connecting dildo to entryway or cabinet to screw herself with? Ricky, in any case, may have an alternate – yet similarly imaginative – arrangement including a remote controlled vehicle, a camera and a dildo!

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