She Likes Rough Quickies Emily Willis

She Likes Rough Quickies
Keiran Lee and Emily Willis

She Likes Rough Quickies

Oh yes, what a way to start the day.  Seeing the beautiful Emily Willis with Keiran Lee’s big cock in her arse.  In Brazzers She Likes Rough Quickies we get to watch Miss Willis getting fucked in the arse while she keeps her glasses on.

It’s a great nerd/geeky teen look that Emily is wearing.  This video really did brighten my day.  So far this morning I have managed to drop porridge all over the floor and spill coffee over my staircase!


Emily Willis is insatiably horny today, wanting a big cock to fuck all of her holes. It’s lucky for her then that Keiran Lee is coming over to talk to her father. In She Likes Rough Quickies, when Keiran knocks on the door, Emily answers and teases him, begging to be fucked. Keiran is worried about being caught by her dad, but can’t resist for long. He and Emily slip away to the master bedroom, where he gives her ass and pussy a good pounding.

Keiran Lee is still one of the very best male cocksmiths in the business.  When I see that today’s video features Keiran Lee, I’m in the knowledge that it will be a top rated porn video.  During She Likes Rough Quickies, watching him fucking the angelic looking Emily Willis deep in her her asshole was such a welcome sight first thing in the morning.

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