Shes No Dummy Doctors Adventures HD

Shes No Dummy


Brazzers release Shes No Dummy in glorious 1080p HD for your viewing pleasure.  This Doctor Adventures video stars Gia Milana in her 7th Brazzers appearance.

Dr. Bambino is in for a helluva surprise when he receives what he thinks is his a simple medical dummy. What he receives instead, is a very special package containing Gia Milana! Bambino can’t keep his eyes off of Gia once he’s opened her box, and can’t help but feel like she’s watching him.

In Brazzers Shes No Dummy, Gia anxiously waits for the doctor to put his hands on her tits, but Bambino hesitates, reminding himself that’s she’s just a dummy. Gia runs out of patience and reveals that she’s no dummy, she’s a fantasy come true, and she wants Bambino to play doctor with her!

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