Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me Ava Sinclaire

Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me
Lauren Phillips and Ava Sinclaire

Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me

We have a Brazzers debut for Ava Sinclaire in Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me.  She is making her very first appearance in a Brazzers lesbian porn video with the redheaded fire racker Lauren Phillips.  What a way to make your entrance into the world of Brazzers.  Getting fucked by Lauren Phillips with that flaming red hair and fantastic rack.

Ava Sinclaire Brazzers Debut Video

So who is Ava Sinclaire I hear you ask.  Well let me enlighten you.  It’s Sinclaire (with and ‘e’).  She is a pretty blonde who looks very sexy in underwear.  Ava has a top notch looking body and an ass to die for.  She is one of the smallest pornstars on the circuit right now.  She is only 4 foot 11 inches in height, which makes her a perfect pornstar to be thrown around playfully on set.

I’m sure she will be used as a fuck doll in plenty more porn video is the very near future.  Ava Sinclaire can be dressed up to look like a pretty little teen, and she would be perfect for a college slut role.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing her performing both of these types of porn niche roles very soon.

So what do we find Miss Sinclaire getting up to in Brazzers Shut Your Mouth And Fuck Me?  Well she gets her face buried in a ginger chuff box, that’s what she gets up to.  In her Brazzers debut, she gets her wet tight pussy fingered and licked by the experienced bi-sexual pornstar Lauren Phillips.

Lauren Phillips is trying to get some sleep but all she can hear from the other room, is Ava moaning and groaning and having multiple orgasms.  Lauren presumes that she has a man in her bedroom and is getting fucked.  So Miss Phillips decides to investigate.  when she enters Miss Sinclaire’s bedroom room, she finds Ava all alone and fucking herself with a huge dildo.

Ava apologises and explains that she has not had sex for awhile and even though her dildo can make her cum, she needs something extra before she can relax and get some sleep.  Lauren Phillips asks her if she has ever been with a woman.  Ava explains that she is not a lesbian but Lauren is having none of it.  Miss Phillips show Miss Sinclaire just how great a lesbian orgasm can be.

The incredible lesbian sex in this Ava Sinclaire’s Brazzers debut takes place on a bed with silk sheets.  It’s definitely a perfect setting to have your first encounter with an experienced lesbian lover.

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