Sinner At Dinner Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner
Kyle Mason and Kendra Sunderland

Sinner At Dinner

The blonde bombshell Kendra Sunderland is getting her awesome natural boobs out for her latest Brazzers porn video called Sinner at Dinner.  Just take a look at those sweet ass titties! What a pair of front bumpers she has on her.  It’s always a delight to watch those bad boys bouncing on the screen when Kendra rides cowgirl.


In Brazzers Sinner at Dinner she is performing with Kyle Mason.  They play a newly formed couple.  They have only been dating for a short period, but Kendra is keen to get inside his pants and see what type of cock her has waiting for her.  Miss Sunderland has arranged a quiet night in and a special dinner.  It’s not very often that she cooks, but tonight she wants to get her pussy fucked.

Kendra Sunderland wants to be Fucked at Dinner

In Sinner at Dinner we watch Miss Sunderland getting ready for her hot date.  She is pampering herself with all the right relaxation oils and tries on some new sheer underwear.  The underwear she is wearing is very see-through. It’s barely worth wearing at all.  We can see those big natural boobs and her sweet pussy.  She gives her tits a gentle squeeze in front of the camera which I thought was a nice touch.

She finishes off her outfit with a tie-dye top with a very low chest line.  Her spectacular cleavage is out on show and she is definitely making a statement to her date.  Kendra is putting out all the signs that she is ready for a real hard fucking tonight.  But Kyle is not showing any sign of coming onto her.  Kendra Sunderland decides to up the anti during dinner.

She starts to send Kyle some very sexy text messages.  She is flirting with him via text.  This certainly gets Kyle Mason’s attention.  When Kendra takes a topless photo of herself from the bathroom, Kyle knows he is in for a treat with Kendra.  When Kendra arrives back from the bathroom, they waste no time on waiting for desert.  Kyle dives into her cleavage and Kendra knows she has finally got her man.

Kendra Sunderland and Kyle Mason head straight for the living room to have some wild first time sex together.  They explore each others bodies but it is obvious that they both know what they are doing.  In Sinner at Dinner, Kendra Sunderland is looking very sexy indeed.  I loved the way she was able to tease and please Mr Mason with her outstanding tis and ass.

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