Smoke Dick-tector Charles Dera, Lacy Lennon

Smoke Dick-tector

Smoke Dick-tector
Charles Dera and Lacy Lennon

Juicy ginger pornstar Lacy Lennon stars alongside Charles Dera in this Smoke Dick-tector porn video.  Lacy’s landlord comes the the rescue when she activates all the fir alarms in her apartment after burning the dinner.

Charles make an excellent replacement for her boyfriend who has decided to break up with this hot ginger babe with a stunning hot body.  Wearing short grey hot pants and a dark red t-shirt, she races around the apartment to try and turn off the smoke alarms.


Luckily for Lacy, Charles is just down the hall and came to help her out in her hour of need.  As a thank you, Lacy Lennon peels off her shorts to give Charles Dera that opportunity he had been waiting for….the changes to fuck his hot ginger tenant in her tight pussy.

In Smoke Dick-tector, sexy redhead Lacy Lennon is preparing dinner for her boyfriend, only for him to call and cancel their date over the phone! Worse than that, the no-good boyfriend wants to take a “break” from Lacy.

Duriung Smoke Dick-tector, Lacy gets so distracted by this that her dinner starts to burn, setting off her apartment’s smoke detector. When hot older landlord Charles Dera shows up to make sure there’s no fire, Lacy decides she can use him to get revenge on her now ex-boyfriend. Soon Lacy’s cooking something completely different in the kitchen!

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