Sneaky Shoe Seduction Yiming Curiosity, Danny D

Sneaky Shoe Seduction
Yiming Curiosity, Danny D

Sneaky Shoe Seduction


Danny D is a doting boyfriend in this sexy retail store romp. He has no problem holding his girlfriend’s shoes and standing in line while she shops. Super tease Yiming Curiosity flashes Guy1 by accident but doubles down when she offers up a blowjob in exchange to cut in line. Danny D is tricked into paying for Yiming’s items and reaps the benefits later when they meet up in the change room for an exchange of goods and services.

Burlesque-dancing hottie Yiming Curiosity is an all-natural nympho who embodies free-spirited living. Seeing Yiming’s naughty antics on set, it’s easy to see why she describes herself as mischievous: the raven-haired babe is always bursting with sexual energy and loves to flash her beautiful, bouncing ass and sexy curves in front of the camera. Prior to becoming a pornstar, Yiming traveled far from her hometown in Shanghai and spent several years studying throughout Europe.

Although the adventurous intellect landed what she terms a ‘posh job’ in the UK, she quit when she realised that life is simply too short not to have amazing, kinky sex at every opportunity! After embarking on a personal quest to explore her sexual desires without boundaries, Yiming quickly established herself as one of the hottest smut stars in the biz. When the ever-horny beauty isn’t having her tits sucked and pussy fucked by her co-stars, she enjoys reading up on philosophy or practicing her raunchy pole-dancing moves! Curious to see more of Yiming?